Talk about Karma

Sorry for the light posting. I am still recovering from returning from New York. I felt so at home there. Basically, I had a blast and absolutely LOVED it! (I had never been before.) You can see a few pics on my Twitter. I will post more photos this week and give you some details of the trip. Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions! They were super helpful. I had some of the best food I've ever had in my life!

So about Karma. While in NY I tried to find some of my beloved Aqua Fusion moisturizer that was discontinued by Lancomé.  No luck. I really needed some because I wouldn't have any when I returned home really late at night from the trip. But I also didn't want to spend my last precious minutes of the city inside of a Sephora when I was in NY. So I just thought I'd tough it out, but it would suck. (I can't live without moisturizer.) Little did I know that when I got home, there was a package on my nightstand (my roommate/cousin set it there for me). It was from my other cousin (I have a huge family), who told me she was sending me something in the mail. She's a makeup artist so I suspected something of the sort, but instead she sent me this. RéVive MOISTURIZER (Sensitif). Not only is this stuff A-MA-ZING (think La Mer level), but IT WAS MOISTURIZER. The very thing I was out of. Really? Oh ya, really. Thank you Karma. I mean, it could have been any other product, but it wasn't. I was perfect.

Karma, you may now move onto selling my house (which is on the market).

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