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It's a fact that I LOVE ice cream. I've been doing much better controlling my cravings lately, but now that it's summer, whellll, ice cream just kinda goes with summer (I also loooove summer). Now that Shatto, a local dairy farm makes ice cream, and there's a new artisan ice cream in town...I'd say my odds for avoiding ice cream are pretty slim. The "new guy" in town isn't really new. It's actually Christopher Elbow, the well-known artisan chocolatier from Elbow Chocolates (stores in downtown Kansas City and San Francisco). Elbow's new Artisan Ice Cream shop, Glacé, is located just south of the Plaza. 

You could say I'm dying to try it! 
I will definitely let you know how it goes. 
Only problem is...WHICH FLAVOR SHOULD I GET??? You try to choose from the list below!?! It's hard! I think it's fairly obvious I am going to have to continue going back until I've tried all the ones that look scrumptious.

For us Kansas Citians, we can go to Glacé. See the map below.
*All images from Glacé website.


tobe said...

pineapple cilantro is calling my name. next time we lunch = must visit!

Camille @ Style Notes said...

Soooo jealous of you Kansas City dwellers! In my Glace dreams...I'd go for the Fleur De Sel Caramel for that salty-sweet fix.

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