Travel :: Down Under

I'm thinking Australia could be C & I's next international destination...Sydney, Brisbane, Carins.
A little city, a little beach, sounds perfect!
*Images via Jetsetter


Sal R-J said...

oh yes! Australia is a great place to holiday ...although living in sydney i may be a little biased! I would recommend skipping brisbane (unless your going to check out anna spiro's shop!) and doing melbourne instead! Or Sydney, Byron Bay, Cairns!
sal x

Anonymous said...

as an aussie myself from WA (westeren Australia) i'd tell you to hit Perth! sure it's a little out of the way, but oh so worth it!

Caroline Elizabeth said...

Visited this past march...make sure you give yourself plently of time. I could only take two weeks off and that was just not enough time. I fell in love.

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Oh, we'd be lucky to have you!! (And PS I agree with Sal R-J, you MUST do Melbourne and/or Byron Bay!!)

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