Summer is Officialy Over

I've come to terms that my favorite season, summer, is over and have gotten out my fall clothing & boots (yay for fall fashion!). It's been a rough summer, but I have a lot of wonderful memories:

I was in a wedding:
The Bride & Me  / The Bride & Groom's First Dance

I spent a lot of time at my mom's pool with my family & especially my cute niece:
My niece Emery
I went to the Lake of the Ozarks with my girlfriends:
Me, Beth, Marge and Brea on the boat / Boat ride!
My dad got married:
Hello gorgeous flowers!
My Dad & his wife Denise / Me, my brother Andrew, and my sister Erin
I went to Florida to visit my dear friend Heidi:
Okay okay, and to wiggle my toes in the sand on the beaches of Anna Maria Island!
Threw a baby shower:
For my mommy-to-be-friend Morgan / Lettering by the talented Tobe & drawing by the artist Amy
Can't have a baby shower without Baby Bingo & a onesie clothes line!
And went to the beach in Texas with C and friends over Labor Day weekend:
But there just happened to be a tropical storm that weekend ... we had about an hour before that rain hit the beach.


Tracey said...

Your summer looked fab but i didin't realise about your husband. OI hope he is on the mend? Big hugs xx

Heidi said...

God, you've got nice feet.

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