Today is THE LAST DAY to vote. I wish I could see how many people have voted for each person. Thank you so much to everyone who has voted and made their boyfriend, husband, sister, mom, boss, etc., vote for me. I really appreciate it. Next week I'll find out if I'm a finalist and if so I'll start a blog-off with 9 other finalists for the month of December.

***I haven't mentioned this yet, but I've already had a phone interview!

Vote for me HERE!


Tina said...

I voted for you! I also live in KC and am a Journalism major with a Fashion minor (but went to CMSU...although my parents & friends went to Mizzou). Your blog is very inspiring & visually appealing! I love your desk/office by the way!!!

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

ran across your blog today and love it...and just in time to vote for you! good luck!
xoxo, jamie

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