Project Runway 8 :: Valerie & Ivy

The 8th Season of Project Runway switched it up a little. It moved to Lifetime from Bravo, and I loved that they made the show 90 minutes instead of an hour. I feel like as the viewers we got to see more of the process of each challenge. They also had the top 10 designers show at fashion week. I'm assuming it was so no one would know who was the final three during fashion week since the show didn't air until much later. I am going to post some of the designs I liked or thought were interesting from seven of the top ten designers.

From my observation, it seemed like sweet Valerie had a really hard time with the pressure 
and short time periods for the challenges (totally understandable). 
I loved these two looks from her show.

Ivy got a lot of criticism from the judges for not being a good designer. Being in the creative industry myself, that is probably one of the most painful things anyone could ever say to her. 
I thought these looks from her show were pretty. Very Hamptons. The bangles are my favorite part.

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Mo Pie, Please said...

I hadn't seen these until now - they're terrific! What a cool idea too, to let them show at Fashion week. I really loved that the show was 90 minutes instead of an hour. Were you as disappointed with the finale as the rest of the world?

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