wrapping sheets by kamal

You knew they were coming ... the gift guides that is. You are in for a treat, because I've reached out to many of my talented friends and bloggers, so this won't just be your average collection of gift guides. No, it will be a GIFT GUIDE EXTRAVAGANZA! A very small group of people know that I have a slight obsession with the word extravaganza. I just love that word. It has a funny connection in my mind to when Tony Danza used to have a talk show and he did a bit on it called Extravadanza, and I thought that was hilarious. When I use the word, I like to say it in a very overly dramatic, Price-of-Right type of way, but I'll keep that to myself, and those of you who heard me say it constantly when I worked at The Observer.

I asked the participants to either include gifts they want to give and/or receive this holiday season, so it will be a combination of both. They have also included a holiday tradition, which I think is my favorite part!

Tomorrow begins the Mimi + Meg Gift Guide EXTRAVAGANZA! Stay Tuned.


Cary B said...

Love this photo! I am looking for wrapping paper exactly like this... and suggestions? PS. Love Love Love your blog and your new Stella and Henry! AMAZING!

Megan Biram said...

Cary, did you see the link under the image? You can order it from there site here: http://onkamal.bigcartel.com/

Heidi said...

It really is a gift guide EXTRAVAGANZA.

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