Holiday Cards

I almost used this card as my holiday card. Then I thought about doing two different cards because I couldn't choose between them, but that was just too much of a process, so I went with another one that I'll show you once it arrives! I love getting the mail in December (okay, I'll be honest, I get lots of magazine subscriptions so I love getting the mail everyday!), but receiving holiday cards in December (especially ones with pictures and funny stories) just makes me smile. This year our house is still on the market, so we don't have a tree or decorations up (sad face), so cards are all I've got! I love to see kids grow up over the years, or how people change and families grow and change.
*Card from Tiny Prints

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jen @ design blossom said...

I love getting Christmas cards too! Today I'll be mailing mine out. Nothing fancy just a card with a handwritten note! Happy Holidays :)

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