Celebrate 2011 :: New Year's Resolution Week

Yep, New Year's Resolution Week is an actual week, and that week ended yesterday. I literally took the entire week of New Year's Resolution Week to reflect on the past year (and prior years) and think about life, goals, etc., before I did this post. Why reflect so much? At one of my previous jobs, one of the writers interviewed a bunch of old people (no better way to say that, they were old), and she asked them what there life secrets were and what they wished they had done more of. One lady said her secret to health was regular enemas. No joke. But the one thing that stuck with me was that one person said they wished they would have reflected more during their life. I don't know why, but lesson learned. I'll do that. So here goes:

There were good times in 2010, (if you read this post you'd know I said 2010 was the worst year of my life so far). But there were many many good times along with the bad.

One of the coolest things that happened in 2010 was that while my husband was in basic training for the Air Force, he could only write letters and call me once a week for a short period of time. Why is that cool? Because unlike probably most people my age, I have written letters from my husband for two entire months. That is cool. I went on several trips: to see my husband in San Antonio, and we went to Austin and South Padre. I visited my bestie Camille in Austin. My New York City virginity was taken by the big apple (and I loved every minute of it!). I went to Anna Maria Island with my dear friend Heidi for a girls weekend where we sat on the gorgeous beach for two days straight drinking Corona. I went to the lake with three of my best friends. My dad got married. I was a bridesmaid my dear friend Margaret's wedding. One of my friend's had a beautiful baby! I won the costume contest as Lady Gaga on Halloween. I launched my new site Stella & Henry. C came home and surprised me one weekend, I really had no idea. Each time he came home was so much fun! MIMI+MEG turned 3! I saw The Nutcracker. I went to numerous happy hours, dinners and parties with all of my awesome friends. Had lots of family time at my mom's pool. And had the best New Year's Eve I've ever had

Now that's a lot of good things. I'll spare you the bad ones.

After thinking long and hard about my resolutions or as I like to say, intentions, for 2011, there were a lot of things I started doing in 2010 that I want to carry on to next year. And I love reading other people's resolutions or non-goals, or whatever they call them on their blogs. If you could care less, then you probably haven't read this far down! But for some reason, I love reading them. AND I've also wanted to start a life list. I know a few people who have a 30 before 30 list, and then make a 40 before 40 list, and it seems like having a list helps you actually get those things done. So I made a life list too that I'll post soon.

Intentions that I started in 2010 and want to continue doing in 2011:

1. Continue to challenge my thoughts, beliefs, and refine my character into being a better person, and helping others do the same.

2. Continue to spend lots of time with family & friends. This has always been a priority for me, and will always be. It's what matters in life.

3. Continue to read books and journal several times a week. Did you see some of my favorite books from this year? Reading also helps me wind down after a full work day on the computer, then several more hours each night!
4. Continue to get into fabulous shape. I've always been naturally thin, but I am also uber weak, yep uber. I started doing CrossFit in December, and recently added Yoga. It's a huge time commitment, but I love it, and until I get some muscle, I intended to keep it a major priority.

5. Continue to juice my veggies, eat healthy and switch to as many organic/natural products as possible. Juicing veggies is time-con-suming. (No that's not grammatically correct, that's how I'm saying it.) Seeking out natural products is hard. It sucks to buy natural deodorant to find out it doesn't work. And for some dumb reason there is only one tiny health food store even remotely close to my house. The Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are all 30+ minutes away. Super annoying. But all the hassle is worth it to me. If you are wondering if I'm becoming one of those crazy everything gives you cancer / makes you sick / is harmful for your body type of people, well I am kinda. Watch Food Inc., read Clean, watch Jamie Oliver's TED video, educate yourself and then look around and think... how many people do you know have died or have cancer? Are overweight? Have chronic diseases? I'm working on preventing getting all of those things. Do I still eat chocolate, of course. Do I still go out to eat, yes. I just try to limit it, well not so much limit the chocolate. (Getting off my soapbox now.)

6. Continue to get massages, facials and mani-pedis. I decided I need one of the three each month. My mom sent me on my first facial in 2010, man I have been missing out. 90 minutes of pure heaven. And you better believe there is a National Spa Week and a National Massage Week that I will gladly be celebrating for my Celebrate 2011 feature.

7. Go on more weekend trips. Above I listed all the little weekend vacations I went on last year: New York, Austin, San Antonio, South Padre, Anna Maria Island, and the lake. This year I hope to go to a few places I've never been (and NYC again!).

8. Keep my nails consistently painted. I know it sounds so dumb, but when my nails are chipped or unpainted it drives me crazy. I loooooove nail polish and have enough to last me a lifetime, so I'd better keep using it!

9. Continue writing my memoir. You're thinking, really, a memoir. Ya, maybe it will be terrible and no one will publish it, but it was one of those things that just hit me one day that I was supposed to do, like the idea in Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk.

10. Continue to work towards my goals of building my blogs (+other things) that can eventually sustain me as my full-time job.

Intentions I plan to do in 2011: 
(geez is this long enough!?!) 

1. Obviously from my new feature Celebrate 2011, HAVE FUN! Less complaining, more happy. 

2. Major overhaul on all of my belongings, clothes, dishes, stuff. Donate, sell, organize. 

3. Be more thoughtful. From giving gifts, to remembering things that are going on in people's lives, to not forgetting things. Sadly, I think I'm the least thoughtful with some of the people closest to me. That's just not right. 

4. Buy a keyboard or piano and start playing the piano again. I've been dying to do this for years.

5. Pick up a paintbrush. I don't care if it's just watercolors on random paper, just do it. 

6. Take more risks and steps toward my career/business aspirations. I've actually got one in the works I'll tell you about soon!

7. Do active things with C. Ride bikes, hike, whatever. (Can be paired with more weekend trips!)

8. Go to more concerts, movies in the theater, plays, ballets, etc. (Goes with HAVE FUN!) This won't be hard to top from 2010 because I didn't do a lot of those things.

9. Do more in advance. However I need to accomplish this I don't care, but it needs to happen.

10. Be able to get into the splits! (Goes with Getting into Fab Shape. Yoga just might get me there.)


Christine M. Nguyen said...

Hi Megan,

The invitation for Morgan's baby shower is super cute. I was wondering was the invitation from Ampersand Design Studio? If so, how can I order some? Thank you!


jen @ design blossom said...

I'm with you...I love hearing what people have done in the past year and what they have plans to accomplish in the coming year! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today. Thanks for sharing!

Megan Biram said...

Christine, yes one of the Ampersand girls did the invite, just e-mail them at hello@ampersanddesignstudio.com.

Johanna said...

What a nice post today....well everyday! But, I think I am following the same path as you. Setting intentions, reflecting on what's important and looking at living life more simple.
Yoga is an amazing way to get in touch with yourself and connecting you to you...if that makes sense. I am an absolute yoga devotee and it has helped me in so many ways. I could go on forever.
If your into reading an interesting book about learning to be more present in life you should have a look at "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Very interesting and true!
Looking forward to reading more posts! Feels like your a good friend that i've never met :)

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I'm totally with you on the health track, I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 11 years and I'm a sports addict. Watching Food Inc. was hard, I almost cried (not kidding). I really enjoyed this post, it's great when you can relate to other people even if you don't know them ;)

jessie said...

you're adorable. i loved reading these and thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Your mother loves your "spending more time with family" intention. There are a dozen varieties of wine (Food & Wine magazine reccomended) just waiting to be shared! And girly, romantic, movies waiting for milkduds and an audience! And great new books to be discussed (not an Elizabeth Gilbert fan, sorry). And art classes waiting for enrollees at the North campus of the Art Institute - YES WE CAN!! xoxoxo

Megan Biram said...

Hmmm, I wonder who "anonymous" is... my mother isn't an Elizabeth Gilbert fan either, and she loves wine, and she wants to take an art class at the Art Institute... sounds like my MOM! ;)

Megan Biram said...

Gaby, do you eat fish? Where do you get all your protein from? Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts, etc.? Still figuring out the best combo of food for me. Not a huge meat fan.

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