Art Inspired :: Sweethearts by Jonathan Lewis

Art: Sweethearts print by Jonathan Lewis, 20x200
Inspired Items: 1. Solange Azagury-Partridge Hot Lips Ring (psst... this is a great VD gift!) / 2. Perch Spot Bowl / 3. Mariposa Canisters at ZGallerie


Roxy Te said...

I featured this sweethearts print too! It was one of my top 10 things to do over the weekend..isn't it seriously sweet? Love the series.

Katy said...

love, love, love this blog! one of my absolute favorites. stunning images - beautiful layouts - amazing inspirations. keep up the amazing work!

please check out my new blog & follow if you'd like :)


ashley cooper said...

I love the Canisters from ZGallerie. I wanted the bold yellow ones, but I waited too long. Glad to see they have them in more colors. (Did you see them in black?They are wonderful)

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