VD Gift Guide :: Jen + Mr.M

Jen's story is so sweet and hits a little close to home. My husband has my name tattooed on his chest.

GIVE: Rag & Bone Leather Hillary Boots / Leather Belt from UO / Burberry Sport Aviator Sunglasses
RECEIVE: Black Trench Coat from Topshop / Onyx Gloss Imperial Trellis Wallpaper from Schumacher / Kaleidoscope Chain Wrap

*Photograph of Jen & Mr. M by Yvonne Wong / Jen's awesome blog Made By Girl and Shop


theeclecticlife said...

hey there! we met early on in the conference and exchanged business cards. i don't know why i'm just now seeing your site, but i love it! this valentine's column is so awesome. i can't get enough of it! can't what to see what other couples you have in store.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Nice job..thank you! :)

Megan (MIMI+MEG) said...

@Jen No thank YOU! Love your picks and your story. It's so sweet!

@eclecticlife You were so cute! Love your blog!

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