Embroidery Never Looked So Good

I cannot stop staring at this gorgeous hand embroidery! This piece is part of the 'Turns of Speech & Figures of Phrase' series by MaricorMaricar. The series was inspired by lyrics misheard and mixed up and features lyrics borrowed from bands such as Blondie. It opened March 3rd and runs until the March 19th at Mart Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Check it out for me! I'm thinking they should get into pillows, I'd buy one!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

wow! such intricate and beautiful work! i am impressed :) xoxo jcd :: stop by, im hosting a custom print giveaway i think you would love! cornflake dreams

jonalynn said...

LOVE this. I, too, would drop some dollars for a pillow.

turn up the rad

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