Piano Obsession Continues

Image via Elizabeth Sullivan Design
I have divulged this obsession before, but I saw this photo and about died. I reeeeally want a piano, just like this one! Well, okay, I would eventually love a baby grand, but that's for the distant future if I ever have that much disposable income. However, I love this glossy black upright. Modern and classic at the same time.

I've been wanting to start playing again for years now. Everytime I hear a band with a pianist, I can only focus on the piano. At night when I can't sleep, sometimes I think about a song and dream that I'm playing it.

Did anyone see last week's Ingenious Minds about the guy who hit his head on the bottom of a pool and then all of a sudden could play the piano like a pro!?! I wish I could have that amazing talent in a less painful and obsessive manner. Anyway, I'm thinking I may have to settle for a nice, weighted-key keyboard for now. Any suggestions? I want it to feel and sound like a real piano, but obviously be less expensive and smaller.


Elizabeth Sullivan said...

I read your blog every day and was shocked to see this pic! Thanks! That home I did was for a professional jazz pianist and his family. He recommends the Yamaha MO8 for a weighted-key keyboard.
Have a great week!
-Elizabeth (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I'm a piano player too, and I just don't think that the keyboards are ever quite right! It just doesn't have the same feel as a real piano. I love this glossy black one. Makes me think I should paint mine!

Maren said...

Have you looked into a used one - I found a great, black, glossy one very similar to this one on Craiglist too, surprisingly. There are also places that off a rent-to-own for pianos (plus, you can rent for a few months & if you realize you never play it or want something else, they will take it back). I have done a little research (mostly in Chicago) since I am also dying for one for the same reasons... used to play, don't anymore, and have a new place where a black glossy one like this would look great.

jonalynn said...

That piano is beautiful! What a crazy story about the dude who hit his head! I've always wanted to learn how to play, but would like to go about it in a less painful way, too. :)


Megan (MIMI+MEG) said...

Elizabeth, HI! Thanks for the recommendation!

Carissa, I totally agree, I really would prefer a real piano, just not sure I can fit one, depends on which place we end up living in!

Maren, I have looked for used ones, just not seriously enough. With an upcoming move I just couldn't do it yet. Hopefully someday soon!

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