So Close to "Home"

Sorry for the light posting, tweeting, and facebook updating lately. Ever since my last day at work I've been super busy packing, saying goodbye to family and friends, and moving out of my house and across the country! I definitely learned that packing what I currently own takes two days longer than I thought it would, and what I wanted to accomplish around the house takes another day longer than I thought it would. I honestly thought I was prepared...lesson learned! The last time I moved it was out of a one-bedroom apartment and this time it was a three-bedroom house, so there is where my calculation went awry. C and I are currently over halfway to our new home. I'm so excited to get there, move in, and make the place feel like home. I've got some ideas for the floor plan, new furniture and decor that I'll be posting about soon. I promise I'll be making my light posting up to you over the next month!
*Living room image via House to Home


17 Perth said...

Yay. Congrats!! Be safe and good luck.

travelkate said...

Moving can get overwhelming at times! Good luck with a smooth move, and transitioning to your new location!

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