Not So Green, Green Juice

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you may have seen that I talk about green juice sometimes. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about I thought I'd explain myself. I didn't eat hardly any vegetables besides raw carrots with a lot of ranch for 26 years. As a child I would spit them in my napkin or sit at the dinner table for what seemed like hours (I'm sure it was like 15 minutes) until I finished my plate, which I wouldn't, I would just sit there. Finally my parents just started giving up. 

I just really don't like vegetables, and am unfortunately a very picky eater. Rarely can I order right off a menu without changing anything. In the past few years I've realized how necessary eating vegetables is in my diet and started looking into ways to eat them without really eating them. Enter green juice. I read the book Clean, and my world changed. I bought a juicer and a really good blender (Breville) and use them almost daily.

There are tons of recipes out there for green juices, but you can just mix and match your veggies & fruit using what you have. I think it's important to use different things here and there so it doesn't always taste the same and your body will get a variety of goodies from different veggies. Obviously I'm not a nutritionist or health professional, so this is non-professional verbiage, but gathered from what I've read it's good to change it up. I typically use kale, spinach, green apples, cucumber and lemon. Sometimes I add carrots, celery, broccoli, and lime, or a variety of all of these items. Some people mix more fruit in, some add agave nectar to sweeten it, although I don't really mind the bitter/sour flavor. If I do mind the flavor I just stick the straw in the back of my throat and suck it down as fast as possible. Sounds a bit extreme, but I know I need my veggies, and this is the way I'd prefer to get them. Although I do love this easy veggie recipe from my friends at Four Foodies for turnips, parsnips and carrots. Smoothies are an entirely different animal with endless possibilities, but a staple for smoothies that you may not think of is almond milk, agave nectar, and consider adding a little ground cardamom.

Do you drink green (or close to green) juice? What are your favorite recipes? 

*The juice above isn't green because of the carrots.


Elizabeth Baddeley said...

oooh! I've been making this one: http://gimmesomeoven.com/green-smoothie/ except I use OJ insteam of the orange because it's impossible to blend it without some liquid.

Jennifer said...

Yes!! So glad to see you posted this. Been wanting to do a post on this myself. I've been juicing for 6 years on and off, and I am back into it full on now and hope to keep it steady. It makes me feel so good. It's like healing your body from the inside out.
I used to only make juices, but I have a Vitamix blender and am making smoothies now! I've been experimenting with different ones. Check out Kimberly Snyder's glowing green smoothie.

Here is my typical daily green juice- using all organic fruits and veggies:
-Handful of spinach
-4 pieces of Kale
-1/2 head of Romaine
-1 large cucumber
-1 Fuji apple
-1 Bosc pear
-2-3 celery sticks
-small piece of ginger
-half a lemon or lime

You can play around with the ingredients a little and vary it up, but this is my standard, and favorite.

I also have several books which are great for info/recipes:
The Raw Food Detox Diet - Natalia Rose
Crazy, Sexy Diet - Kris Carr (incredibly inspiring)
Clean - Alejandro Junger
You Are What You Eat - Gillian McKeith
The Beauty Detox Solution - Kimberly Snyder


Carrie@221vision said...

Oh my....I have a Green Monster daily....spinach, kale, banana, almond milk, and Greek yogurt, flax seed. To. Die for. I use a rockin' blender and am sharing my recipe next week. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

I was like you growing up- I *hated* vegetables and I was a picky eater. I remember being around 20 when one day I was looking at broccoli and decided to taste it. It was like my cells woke up, and my body was screaming about how much I needed those vitamins. Still, I remained picky about all other veggies.

Four years ago I dared myself to stop eating meat, and I've been a vegetarian ever since. I actually love vegetables now! Still picky about some, but I love more than my young self would've been able to handle.

Reading this post makes me want to buy a blender!! Your recipes sound yummy. I'm glad you found a way to get veggies into your diet- a sneaky trick for your taste buds! So great. :)) I really love your blog.

C (in L.A.)

Anonymous said...

oops-- i've been veggie for 5 years now! The longer you eat veggies, the more delicious they become. ;) Good Luck!!

(you don't have to post this, just wanted to say that to you.) :)


Tasha Roe said...

I love to juice. I grew up in a vegetarian home and fresh carrot juice was part of my daily menu.
Fast forward 33 years and I juice almost daily.
My favorite is:
3 large carrots
1 large apple
3 stalks of celery
1/2 beet

I find that when we are on the go and have to grab food out and I don't get a chance to juice I don't sleep as well, my complexion isn't as clear, and my "system" isn't clockwork.
Crazy how a person's body can process the juice so much better than all the other processed crap.

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