Two Glasses of Wine and a Franz Kline

Merce C by Franz Kline

So yesterday I was supposed to meet up with three people in the city. I was excited to be social again, see old friends, meet new ones, get some fresh air, enjoy the warm day, not be in front of the computer all day...because that's pretty much what I do besides go to Whole Foods, workout or ride my bike.

I love the metro, but lemmetellya, it's expensive. I assume it's expensive because it's not grody, there aren't scary people on it, etc., regardless, it's not cheap. So instead of paying to go into the city each time I'm meeting with people I try to do a few things/meetings per trip. Before I left my place my  mid-day canceled (she's got a baby, she can cancel whenever she wants). But when I got into the city, my lunch cancels. He broke his ankle. Totally sucks and I completely understand. So I had six hours until my happy hour, what's a girl to do?

Considering I had never been to D.C. prior to moving here, there's plenty to do! Hello Smithsonian American Art Museum! Then a little shopping. Then some necessary shopping considering I didn't exactly plan my footwear around "walking all day" but more for "meeting with people all day". Then the new shoes started to hurt, it was hot, and my skinny jeans were stuck to me. So by 4:30 I was done with walking. I got close to my final destination and decided sitting in Dupont Circle would be the perfect place to bide the time before happy hour. I ran into the bookstore and got a sudoku book and attempted to finish some mega puzzles. I felt like a nerd, but it felt so good to be outside in the fresh air, with actual pen (okay, pencil) and paper, and not in front of the computer all day.

Two glasses of wine at Darlington House with an old friend + seeing this Franz Kline at the Smithsonian = Awesome Day


Nikki said...

So happy you're enjoying DC! Hope to meet up soon!

With Style and Grace said...

Awe, what a fabulous day!! Maybe some day (soon) I can come visit you :) Happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and I am glad to hear you are enjoying this fine city! Kramerbooks in dupont has an excellent food menu and book selection if you are there again. Love the Merce C!

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