Dress Me: Blue + Beady

Dress: Shoshanna / Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane / Shoes: DVF

I firmly believe in investing in items that you absolutely love. I'd rather have less items in my closet that I absolutely love then tons that I only like. At this time I can't afford to fill my closet with $300+ dresses (wish I could), but buying a few per season, especially if you have a lot of events, weddings, bridal and baby showers to attend is completely worth it. Every expensive dress I've ever bought has been something I can pull out year after year. The quality is amazing, and if they aren't too trendy, they never go out of style, or they will come back around in ten years.

I feel like when you are excited about a dress, you will be so much happier getting ready and even possibly have a better time at the event because you aren't worried about what you are wearing. If you're like me and haven't pre-planned a dress for an event, sometimes I'll change ten times before an event and I'm not happy with what I'm wearing. Then I get frustrated, and I hate that feeling when you should just be excited for whatever you are celebrating! These DVF wedges come in brown also, and I think a brown or nude wedge is a staple for every summer wardrobe, and therefore they are a good investment. Like my shopping justification?

*All images via Shopbop


KC said...

I totally agree! I spent more than I usually do for my college graduation dress, and now 2 years later, I still love it and can wear it to weddings and summer events. That beaded number is totally on that page!

erika @ small shop said...

Agreed. There are so many fun dresses out there and really if you have an occasion or two, it makes sense. I usually try to get staples that are at least somewhat interesting so I feel a little hip (working from home). Definitely I like to pick up a few killer pieces for when we get a date night!

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