Holiday Weekend Activities

How did you celebrate Memorial Day Weekend? I spent some glorious hours at the pool with some magazines and wearing my fedora-style hat (old from Target). It's a little too big for my tiny head, but I don't care! Had Essie's Life Guard on my toes. I. Love. The pool.

Yesterday, C & I went for a 2-hour hike through Great Falls Park (in N. Virginia along the Potomac River), and of course, to look at the Great Falls. This pic doesn't to the "greatness" justice. If you live in the DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia area, this is a fun active thing to do. The trails are somewhat challenging if you go far enough. Lots of people bring a picnic, which would have been a great idea had I thought of that.

*Photos by Megan Biram


thrillofthechaise.com said...

Ahhhh I must get that magazine. Chilling out and reading sounds just about perfect right now! This East Coast weather has been treatin' us pretty fine :)



Heather said...

Awesome!! I wish I was in the area so I could check out Great Falls. I just got back from the Grand Canyon and I know what you mean about the pictures.

KC said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!

MusingsofaQ said...

Great Falls is my hometown - what a great picture you captured! I don't think people realize how much there is to do in nature so close to the city!

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