*Juice Obsessed: Ritual Cleanse

You all know I'm obsessed with my green juice. So when I came across Ritual Cleanse I was intrigued. I love a good cleanse, and although I'm not doing a full Ritual Cleanse, I really wanted to try their juice! I picked these six and my picky tastebuds will let you know how they taste and what effects I feel from them! First impression: AWESOME. They are delivered in a cool bag that's like a mini cooler. Perfect for a picnic, and it has reusable ice packs in it. Bonus! I love the design, what they stand for, and am really excited to try the juices!

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*Photo by Megan Biram for MIMI+MEG


Susan said...

Interesting...I recently tried the Blueprint Cleanse and it was AWFUL. Only 2 of the juices were good...the rest I struggled with. I will check this out!

Jewel @Eat.Drink.Shop.Love said...

I would love to try the Juice Cleanse!

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