Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Luxury Holistic Spa & Detox Resort Koh Samui, Thailand
Do you ever read something, and then see the same thing in a completely unexpected place. I was reading an article in Yoga Journal about meditation, which I expect an article about meditation in that type of magazine. A few days later I was reading an article in Fast Company, where therapist and meditation teacher Ron Alexander said he asks his clients (Hollywood producers, musicians, etc.) to meditate for at least 12 minutes a day. He also recommends keeping a pad of paper and pen close so if something comes in your mind you can quickly write it down and continue meditating. That tip really connected with me because I literally sleep with my sketch book next to my bed because as I'm trying to sleep painting ideas come to mind, and I might be exhausted but I have to get my book light out and sketch it or write it down. So I feel like having that security net of a notebook nearby if an idea comes up is like a security net. And I assume the more you practice meditation the less you would feel like you need that notebook there.  My goal is to meditate 12 minutes a day, and see what comes of it.

The photo above from the Kamalaya Resort in Thailand looks so peaceful! A tropical yoga trip is on my life list...but I need to get better at yoga first.

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alicia said...

I want to go on a yoga retreat someday too! But I think any yoga teach would say that you don't need to be 'better' at yoga before you go!

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