Need a Quickie?

Don't worry... the "quickie" I'm referring to is a new version of consulting I'm providing! I get lots of e-mails about consulting, blog advice and design, how to effectively use social media, online visuals, etc., and I felt I was missing a bracket.

Not everyone needs the in-depth consult I provide, so I'm now offering "quickies". For $50 I'll answer your questions on the phone or via e-mail. I'll give you the scoop on blogging, how to grow readership, how to effectively use social media, and all of the advice, encouragement, and suggestions I've come up with for you.

E-mail me at mimiandmeg@gmail.com with the word QUICKIE in the subject line for more details, and we'll get started!

1 comment:

thrillofthechaise.com said...

Brilliant idea. I may take you up on that...



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