Celebrate July 2011

The big celebration this month is coming up quickly! The 4th of July is always a fun happy time. Usually I am hanging out with family and friends at a lake or pool of some sort. Eating BBQ all day long, and all types of home-cooked dishes from my aunts. Now that C and I have moved to DC we are planning on going down to the national mall in DC to celebrate along with thousands of others. Should be interesting and fun. I can't wait to see fireworks over the capital of our country. Probably something every American citizen should experience at some point.

This month I'm also excited for Bikini Day, I'll be sure to hit the pool on the 5th. Chocolate Day, Ice Cream Day and Chocolate Milk Day, now this is my kinda month. Tequila Day and Hammock Day also pique my interest. How about drinking tequila while on a hammock... now we're talking.


thrillofthechaise.com said...

What a wonderful month! Pina Coladas and Hot Dog days?! It's my new fav time of year :)



kimberlyloc said...

I love your calendars! Happy 4th of July weekend :)


Lindsey said...

Sugar Cookie Day?! I hope you celebrate that one!

The fireworks in DC are amazing, but you have to go early. Like 5 hours early. It's totally worth it though! Hope y'all have fun!

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