Lonny Gets Masculine


I really enjoyed all of the masculine spreads in the July/August 2011 issue of Lonny!
These were a few of my favorite images. Let's hear it for the boys.

Photography by Patrick Cline / Lonny


lifestylenotebook.blogspot.com said...

I too enjoyed the crisp design in the photos. But am I the only one that the popular offset black and white stripe rug crosses my eyes.

thrillofthechaise.com said...

Awesome, I would totally steal some of those boy ideas for my girl lair :)



erika @ small shop said...

I thought it was an excellent issue overall! Loved all the white/black/gold of course! I'm obsessed with that vintage 1970's brass side table as seen in #4. If only I could find a coffee table version..

lavitapetite said...

I loved them too! i also posted about this, what is the saying? Great minds :)


DENISE. said...

This was one of my favorite articles in the issue, too. I just love his art! Wish there were more links to the art. Thanks for a great post!

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