Snapshots: Brunch & 4th of July


This was one of the first years I wasn't with my enormous family on the 4th of July weekend. So it didn't really seem 4th-of-July-esque until the actual 4th. On the 3rd of July, I met up with some amazing girls at Cities for brunch. How do I know these ladies? The lovely internet. Seriously, moving to a different city without a job to go to would really suck if you didn't have the internet to connect with people in your new city. One of the girls at brunch, Cori Sue, I met via twitter. She has a great blog called Bitches Who Brunch, where she and her friend Becca brunch all over D.C. The other ladies I met were delightful, and I look forward to brunching with all of them again! (I wore these nude peep-toe slingback GUESS heels (old) to brunch, but brought flip flops for the metro and walking!)

On the actual 4th, C and I went to a friends house in Alexandria. They had an great outdoor space with a water feature that provided the perfect white noise, and patriotic blue hydrangeas were on every table. We ate ribs, corn, and I had a few spiked lemonades. With the potential rain, C and I didn't go down to the National Mall for the fireworks, but I was so exhausted from drinking outside all day I didn't care.

P.S. In D.C. speak the mall is the National Mall, and the hill is Capital Hill. Old Town is Old Town Alexandria, and members are members of congress. These words fly around like corporate acronyms.


Pippin + Pearl said...

OOh! I love that sign at Cities -- very cool font. :)

thrillofthechaise.com said...

Red tooties and blue hydrangeas...very lovely :)



Krista said...

It's true - the internet is such a great way to meet people! It looks like you had such a fun 4th!

Shantastic said...

Hi! I've been following you for a while. I'm always looking for new friends and especially design-y friends. Let me know anytime you want to meet up for happy hour - I'm in Arlington.

Madeleine said...

what'd you think of cities?? I still haven't been there for brunch, but had a few tapas one evening at a sponsored event...thought it was a really nice atmosphere!

so many great brunch places in dc! best part about it is that you can have unlimited champagne on the menu! VA apparently regulates these kind of things ... :)

Brittney said...

I love hearing how other people spend their holidays when breaking tradition. DC is so much fun!



PS - I had a friend, also from TX, who was super disappointed that "the mall" was just "a patch of grass"!!

Megan (MIMI+MEG) said...

@Madeleine The ambiance at Cities is cool and the food I had was good. I think it was an off weekend because of the 4th so I'd be curious to go back on a normal weekend.

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