Snapshots: Interview Outfit

A few weeks ago I had an interview. I knew there would be a bit walking involved, so I opted for my Tory Burch flats over heels. (If you are on the fence about getting these TB flats, let me tell you that I love them and think they are well worth the money! So comfortable & great quality. I want more!) And it was hot as blazes, so I went with a short-sleeved Ann Taylor blouse (no longer available) with my black skinny pants and braved the heat! I ended up not taking the job, just didn't feel right.
Images by Megan Biram


erika @ small shop said...

OMG I loooove my Reva's and tell people all the time they are so worth the $200! I have worn my two pairs to death.

Such a cute post!

G. said...

Well thanks for the review on the flats! I'll put them on my wishlist ;-)
G http://gayleswishlist.blogspot.com

Jaclyn said...

Sounds like an adorable outfit. I love those flats too! I've been trying to hold onto mine for years now.

Lily said...

Love my Tory flats too ! And love your blouse.


thrillofthechaise.com said...

Looks really cute! I used to agonize over heels for interviews but to be honest, better that I was comfortable...sorry the job wasn't right :(



Priscilla said...

I just bought the TB flats on your suggestion! They're on sale right now for Nordstroms Anniversary sale, just fyi.

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

I have had every color you can imagine! LOVE them as my work shoes. I recently just got some of the wedges can't wait to start wearing them.


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