LuckyFABB Pics & Recap

In the Apella even space / DVF with Lucky's EIC

Last weekend I got a ticket to the LuckyFABB conference (which you can watch here) which was happneing this past Wednesday. Since Fashion's Night Out was the next day, I had a few meetings, and wanted to meet up with some amazing people that I know digitally, I stayed for Thursday also. 

The conference was in the gorgeous Apella event space at the Alexandria Center. Everything was so easy. They had a coat check, amazing coffee all day long and other refreshments and drinks. All of the panels were in the same room. Bottom line, it was done well. I couldn't get great photos of the panelists from my seat, but tons of other bloggers did, and I'm sure you know what Diane von Furstenberg, Rebecca Minkoff, Rachel Roy, Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, and Rodger Berman (Rachel Zoe's hubby) all look like. FYI, everyone looks more gorgeous and thinner in person. All the panelists were sweet and seemed more than happy to be there.

Pretty much everything DVF says is quotable. She is beyond lovely. I was also excited to see the very pregnant Rebecca Minkoff (love all of her stuff!), and she looked glowingly beautiful. One of my favorite parts of the conference was when Rachel Roy & Essie Weingarten (founder of Essie Cosmetics) disagreed on the subject of bloggers and online media posting images of collections prior to them coming out and the magazine lead time. Rachel Roy stood up for us! Thank you Rachel. Definitely watch that video because it was interesting. P.S. Rachel Roy is STUNNING.


Since I received a ticket pretty late in the game for getting a hotel in NYC during New York Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out, and the U.S. Open, I ended up staying with a MIMI+MEG reader (and now friend) Hitha of Hitha On The Go. The girl has a gorgeous apt, with a killer view, a shockingly comfortable couch for sleeping, and greeted me with a piece of pizza. Um, can you say, better than a hotel!?!


This is the view from Hitha's place when is wasn't raining. 

At the conference they had many sponsor rooms that you could explore. I fell in love with these Philip Simon wedge hiker boots. I mean, I can't even decide which pair I want because I LOVE all of the colors and finishes! I can just see myself hiking all over D.C. in these and not having to compromise height for comfort!

The new line of Essie is gorgeous, no shocker there. I can see all of these colors on my nails this fall. And I also must give a shout out to the JBrand room and the Sorel room that were giving away a pair of their new jeans and boots to each attendee. Hello, awesome, yes, and thank you. So excited to get my JBrands and Sorel's in the mail. 


I must say that walking around the LuckyFABB conference was like walking around the pages of Lucky Magazine. Everyone was SO STYLISH, but had their own personality. It was beautiful to see so many women express themselves through patterns and colors, and not be afraid of trying the trends. What do you expect from a bunch of Fashion & Beauty Bloggers?! I was taking photos of everyone's Arm Candy (which will be a post of it's own), but check out this girl's heels (above). As much as I love them (and all spiky heels) I think I would cut my ankles up! Anyone have shoes like these?

At the end of the day, there was a cocktail party, live music, the blog awards, followed by a pretty hefty gift bag with some amazing goodies in it. These chocolates didn't last long...

Bottom line, I had a blast. Met some amazing bloggers and other wonderful people, was inspired by the bold fashion of everyone there, and was introduced to even more fashion blogs that I'll have to share with you all. 

All images by Meg Biram


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what an amazing weekend!! sounds like so much fun. xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

neha said...

what a GREAT post! I watched a little of it online, i wasnt able to get a ticket. I signed up too late, even though I LIVE here + should have been on top of it, oops! I was also watching the IFB conference online too, which was unfortunately the same day.

glad you had fun time and to meet you next time you're here!

--neha (from medialink and www.indigopeacock.com)

theglossarie.com said...

'twas such a fun day! so glad we got to travel up together :) hope to see you soon xo

theglossarie.com said...

'twas such a fun day! so glad we got to travel up together :) hope to see you soon xo

ALi said...

Awesome you got to go, and it looks like it did not disappoint.

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