The Mad Men Effect?


We have all officially become obsessed with bar carts (me included). Does that mean we are all alcoholics? Just kidding. Did this craze begin with Mad Men? I feel like it's an nod to The Graduate era when everyone had a bar cart, and maybe we are all just growing up and that is what you do. Drink. Responsibly. From your bar cart. I love a good drink at the end of the day to relax.

What do you drink at the end of the day? 
Wine? Martini? Margarita? Something on the rocks?

Bar cart images from September/October 2011 Lonny


dequelleplaneteestu.com said...

This is fantastic.

Ashley said...

I'm definitely a wine at the end of a workday type girl. Preferably pinot noir :)

Miss Rubio said...

I don't drink alcohol much but I love the bar carts lol Regreting letting my parents throw their iron and glass bar cart away...grrr.

Newburgh Restoration said...

I was thinking the SAME thing about the bar carts. We are moving and now I definitely want one! Or a tray with neatly organized liquor as shown above. I think it's a nice formality that has disappeared over the years. A nice hostess touch.

Thread. The. Needle said...

Love that you call it the mad men effect- couldnt be more fitting; so glad classic is back!


sarahelizabeth said...

oh I LOVE this. I need a bar cart for sure...and hadn't even thought about the "mad men effect" - GREAT post.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

I don't like many wines but I will drink Moscato to relax. I save the vodkas and fun drinks for Friday/Saturday nights ;-)

Tina Romero said...

Loving both these bar carts! My boyfriend and I found a great "pseudo" bar cart at world market the other day and had a lot of fun giving it the "mad men" feel!

Love your blog btw, definitely one of my daily reads!


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