Coffee Talk: There Will Be Boobs

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Yep, I went there. I know, that was fast. Last week I said I was going to start putting more of myself out there, so ladies (and the seven gents that read this blog, and FYI you might want to skip this post) here I am, talking about boobs. Maybe it's the Elisabeth Hasselbeck in me coming out (I was watching The View while in the gym today), but actually this post idea came about in two ways.

One, I actually have thought of this observation prior to now, and have talked about it to a few other ladies in the past year or so. And two, I was at dinner the other night with a new friend (blogger-friend turned friend-in-person due to my recent move) and boobs came up, naturally, and out came my observation. I said, I should probably blog about that. She encouraged me to, so here I am... blogging about boobs. What about boobs? Well, I could write a book about boobs. I have a non-lesbian obsession with them. You could say that I just appreciate them in an artsy sort of way, but today's column is actually for those of us with small boobs. Extra small, that is.

An open letter to Victoria's Secret (and all other swimwear companies),

I am very curious as to the cup size of the person that designs your XS-sized bikini tops. I happened to be an XS on top, and I just can't fathom another XS-on-top woman designing an XS bikini top that is just one thin layer of material. I'm sure working at a bathing suit company requires the perfect rack, but please hire an XS-on-top consultant. Designer, if we have to buy an XS on top it means WE NEED HELP IN THAT AREA. Ya know, in the form of padding.

It's so frustrating when I'm shopping for bathing suits online, and the most I can find in many of the bikini styles besides the ones that look like bras have merely "light removable padding." Can there please be an option called I'm-a-freaking-XS-on-top-give-a-girl-some-help-here padding option? Why would anyone in their right mind design a XS bathing suit with little to no padding? It makes no sense!?! I'm not talking boob-job-in-a-bikini/this-is-obviously-all-padding or anything, but more than light padding would be helpful. Especially in the bandeau styles.


P.S. If you are a natural perky C-cup, I hate am jealous of you.

Talk amongst ya-selves.


Carrie said...

It's funny 'cause being on the other end of the spectrum (D! -- ugh) I feel like all swim suits (and most other clothes) are made for the Gwyneth P's of the flat-chested world. But we are in agreement on one thing -- a single thin layer is never a good idea on any female form (unless you're going for that look I suppose!)


Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

haha I am an XS on top too (litttterally have nothing) and totally agree!
What new blog friend in DC did you make?!
excited for your next coffee tawk : )

bevy said...

I'm microscopic on top and while I don't like a ton of padding in my bras and swimsuits (I think it's false advertising, heehee), I do agree about the bandeau tops. I could definitely use some help there because otherwise I look as flat as a pancake.

sarah said...

I'm a D cup and I'd like to write the same letter but replace XS with XL and padding with push up or support. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side, but there's nothing fashionable about grandma style swimsuits cause you don't want your nips popping out of a little triangle top.

Kathryn Elise said...

I have this exact same problem! I cannot order online because I can never tell if the cups are padded or not!

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