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black & white 8

Good afternoon everyone! Reality check time. If any of you read the last State of the Meg called 52 Fridays I wrote about making the time each week to put toward a goal you have. Were any of you able to carve out some time? I said I wanted to find time once a week to paint, and I did. I did two new paintings (although I wish it were more!). black & white 8 is above, and Sarah. I will definitely be painting a lot over Thanksgiving since we are staying in DC for the holiday week.

Other things I wanted to do is try Bikram Yoga, which I have done and I LOVE! And I also wanted to start dedicating a lot more time to finish a project I've been working on. And THAT is what I'm looking for contributors for. Not in the typical "blog contributors" way for MIMI+MEG, but for a new site I'm working on.

Please e-mail me at mimiandmeg (at) gmail.com if you are interested in contributing to my new site. The contribution can be a one-time thing or potentially ongoing. I'll give you more details about the site if you are interested. I want to make it easy for you to contribute, so it won't necessarily be anything that would require a lot of your time if you don't want it too.

There are the following types of women I am looking for:

* You absolutely love your career, and have been in it for longer than a year (yes, any type of job/career!)
* You followed your passion and started a business that has become successful
* You made a mistake that you learned a huge lesson from (career, job or school oriented)
* You did something creative to get your job (and it worked!)
* You are a recruiter
* You hire people for your company (any type of company)
* You are a tutor, high school teacher, career/school counselor, college professor, graduate student or graduate assistant
* You work for a University or higher education institution
* You had an internship experience that you'd like to share

Or if any of these gets you thinking about something else you think might fit in to these topics, please email me about it!

One more bit of inspiration... my friend Lisa from the amazing site With Style & Grace tweeted a while ago that her father always told her to "Make Sunday Count". I'm taking that to heart (and I also put Saturday in that phrase if I'm being lazy). She started using a hashtag on twitter for it, so I'm on board. Tweet me @meg_biram and @withstylegrace with how you #makesundaycount


With Style and Grace said...

I absolutely love this & YOU! thank you for helping me grow #makesundaycount ~ xo

Designwali said...

This is a stunning piece!

Kate said...

Can't wait to see what you're up to with this next project!

undeniable style

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