Celebrate 2011: December Calendar

It's here, the last month of 2011. Reflecting on this year, I started doing these calendars because I just wanted to have more fun, and even though I'm not sure that it worked out that way (wow, that sounds depressing, even though it's not really supposed to), it has caught on. I missed one month and got a ton of emails, so it makes me happy that you all enjoyed these fun calendars. So let's talk about this month. Besides traffic being extra ridiculous, and good luck finding parking spots at any shopping centers, this month is very "holiday" with Cocoa Day, Egg Nog Day, Candy Cane Day, Bake Cookies Day, etc. I think Humbug Day was invented for my husband, and Chocolate Covered Anything Day is for me. Ninja Day, Bacon Day, and Bathtub Party Day... hmmmmm interesting.

*Stripe pattern is called Candy Canes from I Need Nice Things, Gift Tag is from Paper Source


hrck the herald said...

Love this calendar! I hadn't seen the past months' ones, so they're all new to me. Thanks for letting me know what I can celebrate :)

bevy said...

sweet! I can't wait for bacon day!

Allison said...

I always look forward to these! xx

Kelly said...

What a clever idea. Certainly makes December more interesting! Very happy you emailed me back about my internship!

Cheers to an exciting December for you!

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