My thoughtful mother gave me a Kindle for the holidays, and I must say, I love the thing. It's so tiny and light. Much easier to travel with than a book, and I have endless book options. Finish one, download another. It's great! What I don't love... the small selection of cool Kindle covers and cases. I was able to find these nine that I like. Hello designers, don't forget about the Kindle users! Which one is your favorite? I'd go with #2 or #3!

1. Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Stamped Leather Kindle Case, orange
2. MICHAEL Michael Kors
3. kate spade new york Kindle Fire Cover, Jubilee Stripe
4. kate spade new york Patent Leather Kindle Cover, Leopard
5. kate spade new york Canvas Kindle Cover
6. Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Stamped Leather Kindle Case, pink
7. kate spade new york Pebbled Leather Kindle Fire Cover, Aqua
8. Elliott Luca
9. kate spade new york Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover, Normandy Dot
*The one I have is the Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display


GiGi Reed said...

What a great selection. I don't think I could pick just one! How about one for each season? ;)


seedfactory said...

If I had a kindle the #3 Kate Spade stripes has my name written all over it { or Kate Spades hehe}

Designwali said...

ooh lovely...would these work for ipads too? i wonder.

theglossarie.com said...

the pink rebecca minkoff is KILLER, and i absolutely love that it says 'bookworm'!

Phoebe said...

Definitely get one of the zip around ones. I have a Kindle, and I love my zip around case because I don't worry about it getting jostled around in my bag or scratched. I'd probably worry about that if I had a case that just had a flap closure, like a book.

bevy said...

numero uno! i'm crazy for orange!

Mlle Norvegienne said...

What a hard choice.. I have a Kindle too, I LOVE it!!!!! I have all my favorite books on it, both fiction and non-fiction and I have it with me all the time. I have a cover from Belkin, a pink silicone cover with zip, it's quite nice, but nothing compared to this candy!! I would have chosen no 6 and 8 (not 'or' lol). In fact, I am going to look at how I can get them right now! :-)

mlle norvegienne

Gameday Stylist said...

Love the pink ostrich! So cute.

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Brooke Shemwell said...

#5 is fantastic!! Even though I'm still holding on the book - literally.

Suzy { Inspire Me Now } said...

1 & 6 are really cute.

Nat said...

I just got a kindle and had no idea all of these great options existed- thanks!!

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