In my fuschia blouse at the Legal Concerns for Bloggers Roundtable // Photo by Justin Hackworth

Since there were so many panels at ALT, to glean the most information from all of the different panels, you can go through all of the blog posts about ALT Summit on their blog (I'm sure this post list will continue to grow over the next week). I didn't take tons of notes but here are some of the tidbits of information from the panels I attended after the jump.

Day 1 Keynote: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan / Apartment Therapy, Deborah Needleman / EIC Wall Street Journal,
Pilar Guzman / EIC Martha Stewart Living // Photo by Justin Hackworth

The Business of Blogging // @ManMadeDIY @curbly @RetroRenovation @amiatEAD

1. Have a comment policy
2. Name your images something specific (makes them more searchable)
3. Set up a posting schedule & post at high reader times
4. Make an editorial calendar, by week, month and year (good for when you are trying to get advertising and sponsors
5. Make a Style Guide & Writing Guide
6. Have regularly-scheduled original content 
7. Design your blog to the sizes on IAB.net for the main ad sizes (Sidebar of 300 in width is good!)
8. Have a Sponsorship/Media/Advertising Kit: get data from sites like Google Analytics and Quantcast
9. Show where the ads will go in your media kit
10. Talk about the direction of your site in your media kit

Building Relationships with Ad Networks and Sponsors // @erinloechner @SwayGroup @PracticalWed @saymediainc

1. Provide a service to your community
2. Know your brand and know your value
3. YOU go get your perfect sponsors
4. If you get approached by a company that doesn't seem to fit with your brand, see if you can come up with a creative way for a collaboration to work that is mutually beneficial
5. Define mutual objectives
6. Get everything in writing and be specific
7. After a collaboration, send an email with results
8. Don't make it about YOU, make it about THEM and THEIR brand
9. Make sure the brands you work with compliment your content

Kickstarting Your Next Project // @citysage @lisacongdon @yestohoboken @rena_tom

1. Separate a new project from what you already do day-to-day
2. You must be passionate and excited about it
3. It should have rules and/or be constrained to make it manageable
4. Share it on the Internet regularly
5. Do a project with someone else

Day 2 Keynote: Ben from Pinterest // Photo by Justin Hackworth

Legal Concerns for Bloggers

1. Ask for permission and always give credit
2. Have a Privacy Policy
3. Disclose sponsored posts and when you have received and item or compensation
4. Follow the FTC guidelines for bloggers
5. When reviewing something, you must be honest. You can't say you like it if you didn't.
6. Make sure to have contracts with sponsors and contributors. Be specific about what you expect from them and what they should expect from you.
7. Giveaways (this gets messy). This is one of the biggest concerns for bloggers! By doing giveaways you risk violating state laws. You must have official rules and language. Yes, you can still do them, but you need to look into the laws of your state and have it all in writing. NO, it doesn't matter if what you are giving away is YOUR PRODUCT, it's about the relationship between YOU and the PEOPLE that enter and how it is all handled. I'm not an expert and every state is different. Look into it.
*Update: I found this very specific blog post on Giveaways via Kirsten.
8. Sweepstakes are random winners, and a contest is based on skill. Refer to No. 7. Still need legal wording and must know the laws of your state.
9. Make sure to communicate in detail with everyone you work with
10. Trademarking is important if you have something to trademark. If you register something you will have more protection with the federal government.

Growing a Readership // @maggie @jordanferney @designcrush @makingitlovely

2. Consistency in posting
3. Professional look
4. Treat your blog like a job
5. Show your expertise or experience
6. Have a compelling story
7. Whatever your URL is, you masthead (blog header) should be the same!
8. Make goals for the month and check your growth
9. Link to other posts and other people
10. Speak to the audience you are talking to (your twitter followers are different than your facebook followers)

I wish I could have doubled myself and went to more panels, but well, that is impossible. However, I thought I'd add more information and some links below. And if after reading all of this, you are still overwhelmed with your blog or business, I provide consulting services and would love to talk to you.

Justin happened to snap a photo of my wedges c/o kate spade. Wore these for 2 days straight! // Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo Crediting & Permalinks // From Me
*This is really important, especially for new bloggers and the Pinterest/Tumblr-obsessed

1. Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, etc. are NOT photo credits. Find the ORIGINAL source, or don't post the photos. Search on tineye.com or Google Images for the original source. An original source is not just the blog you found it on, it's WHO created it. (No, I'm not perfect. I've been blogging for almost five years, and am currently going through my old old archives and checking every single post for proper credits. This is time-consuming, yet necessary and important!)
2. Find as many credits for the photo as you can: the photographer, the store, the designer, the publication it was published in, the stylist, you get the idea. Credit them all! Wouldn't you want to be credited if it were your work?
3. Check out Link With Love 
4. When pinning (to Pinterest) and tumbling, use PERMALINKS. What's a permalink? It's the PERMANENT link to that post. For example, if you were pinning an image from a post on MIMI+MEG, let's just say you wanted to pin this Fashiongasm: http://www.mimiandmegblog.com/2012/01/fashiongasm-pink-red.html. You would need to click on the title of that post: FASHIONGASM: PINK + RED to get to the page where that is the only post on that page. The URL would then be the permanent link to that post. SO if that image gets tumbled and pinned hundreds of times, people can click on it and it will take them directly to that exact post, and not just to MIMI+MEG http://www.mimiandmegblog.com/ where they would then have to search and sift through all the posts if you didn't use the permalink.
5. If you create original content, make crediting you easy. Put your link or logo on your images or work so even if it gets pinned without the proper links, or not credited (which it probably will), the link to your site right there on the image.

*Update: Ways to find where images came from (make sure you find the original source, not just someone else that posted it)
1. http://jarred.github.com/src-img/
2. tineye.com

Please note that using ANY image without permission is a copyright violation. You have to determine the risk you are willing to take. Companies that have affiliate programs obviously want you to share their items and link back to the sites. Many people don't mind if you share their work as long as it is credited and linked properly to their site, but unless they have stated otherwise, they have the copyright to the image, as far as I am aware. I personally don't mind if images I've taken or images from my art shop are used on other blogs, as long as they are obviously linked and credited to the proper permanent link.

Here are some other great posts about image crediting you should also read (link list thanks to Danni):
Chelsea of Frolic!
Erin of Design for Mankind
Grace of Design*Sponge: Online Etiquette Part One, Two, & Three

*All photos by Justin Hackworth, aren't they gorgeous!!!


la la Lovely said...

Wow again! Thanks for taking the time to share in depth! Great notes! And thanks for sharing the legal info. I missed that. I def have some researching to do now!


Pam Kueber said...

What a terrific -- and generous -- recap. You go, girl, you are a star!

Kassandra said...

This is one of the most helpful guides & reminders for lifestyle & fashion bloggers out there. Thank you for the reminder that ethics aren't just in what we post but how we involve and credit our community when we do! Looks like you had a great time at the Alt. Summit! Loving the new twitter handles I get to follow now :)

bevy said...

It's true and I'm guilty of it, the photocrediting thing. While I try to find the original source, it can be a bit tough. It is a peeve to see bloggers post source as Pinterest. It's like, duh, practically all photos are found on Pinterest nowadays!

Which I really find to be the flaw with Pinterest, or maybe the flaw is the user. I know they wanted to create a place where the original source for an image could be found, but if I find an image on Pinterest and link it to the original source on my blog, but then someone just pins it off my blog, now it's showing on Pinterest that my blog was the original source of that photo. It just becomes a mess.

But thanks for sharing all this, great insight!

Sarah vL said...

thank you so much for this recap! as someone who is new to blogging, this couldn't have come at a more helpful moment!

thank you for taking the time and energy to write this up for us! :)

rimabean18 said...

I was at Alt this year too! Such great summary of those panels. I didn't make it to "Legal Concerns for Bloggers" so I'm glad you posted the highlights. Thank you for sharing!

Classic Glam Blog said...

Love your blog so much!

Have you heard of the Jason Wu for Target line? Check out my post with my favorite pieces from the collection here:


If you like my blog, follow! I'm a newbie, your support is needed and appreciated! :) Have a great weekend!


Denise Levy said...

Thank you very much for this post!

The Pink Pagoda said...

You are so generous to share all of this. What a huge help for beginners (me) who couldn't make it to the conference. I actually shared the red and pink fashion photo you used in your example. What a relief when I went to check and saw that I'd done that right! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share what you learned at ALT!

Becca - (extra)ordinary wonders said...

Really helpful! Especially the section on crediting photos as I am new to blogging.

Thanks so much!

Raiana S said...

This is all so helpfull!
I have a question if you, or anyone, has any time to answer I would REALLY appreciate it.
For several years I have been casually dragging and dropping images I loved into folders on my laptop - no rhyme or reason, no naming of the files, its just a jumbled mess of pretty photos and inspiration. Now that I have started a small blog, I have been using these images without a single clue as to where they came from or whose they are. How do I ever properly credit where I got an image from?
I have also longed to upload said images to my pinterest boards so I can start organizing everything-but then NOTHING would be linked, and I know that isn't helping anyone or solving an ongoing problem. So what to do?
I would never ever knowingly use someones work without giving credit where credit is due, and don't want to be passing someone else's work off as my own...but I truly don't have sources to credit when it comes to my stockpile of photo's on my laptop. Is acceptable to just start doing things the right way and keeping track from here on in, or is there an easy way to find sources of older images with no info on them?
Thank you!

Rai xo,

RSD Home Decor

Meg Biram said...

I just updated the post with two links to ways you can find the link. The first one (I'm told) is supposed to be very helpful. Both ways to look up links will take lots of time, and there's a good chance you won't find some of the proper sources, but that is how you find them.

Lexi said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I am always so careful to cite sources (I went to law school, which means I'm extra panicky about copyright laws... haha), but we all slip up now and then, and its good to be reminded to do the research.
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

PurplesPrettier said...

This is an EXTREMELY helpful post, and I just wanted to say thanks for recapping! I'm going to the IFB conference next week and will be sure to reciprocate with a recap of my own. I'm so glad I found your blog - not only was this post incredibly useful and inspiring, but your blog is a great example of how to execute this advice. I'm one of your newest followers!

katie beth said...

wow, thank you SO much for all the info on photo crediting. i was at alt, and knew this was a big concern, but missed the detailed information. i just launched my blog on monday & promise to do my best to credit appropriately!

thanks, again!



Natasha said...

Oh My GOSH! I just found your blog via the Washingtonian article on up & coming design bloggers so thought I pop over & check you out & guess what, I WAS AT THAT TABLE WITH YOU! How freaking funny, I'm just off to the right, you can see my coffee cup. (;

I totally remember you because I thought your blouse was the prettiest pink ever.

What a coincidence...

Are you in DC? I'm a DC blogger & write over at www.littlepinkmonster.com

Come by & say hi if you get a sec.

Too funny!

Scandalous Beauty said...

This is a helluva roundup post! Thanks so much for sharing!

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