Today I'm speaking on the Up & Coming Blogs panel at ALT Summit. If you weren't able to make it, all of the four panelists are publishing the list of the blogs we've chosen for you to have a bookmarking-fest. It's fun to see the personality of each panelist come out in their picks. Mine has a lot of art, fashion, and interiors going on (shocker).

My picks are:

1. Art Hound
2. Life’s Little Jems
3. Kelly Market
4. Court & Hudson
5. Pattern Pulp
6. The Artful Desperado
7. My Vibe My Life
8. You’re Welcome

See the full list after the jump!

Rachel from Black*Eiffel's picks:

1. Angela Hardison
2. Jane Reaction
3. Note to Self
4. Odessa May Society
5. Dandee Designs
6. The House that Lars Built
7. Simple Village Girl
8. Cubicle Refugee

Alix from Modern Kiddo

1. Draw! Pilgrim
2. Frecklewonder
3. Honey Kennedy
4. Katie’s Pencil Box
5. Make Something Happy
6. Midcentury Living
7. Nubby Twiglet
8. Whorange
9. The Red Thread

Natalie from Nat The Fat Rat

1. Field Guided
2. Ruffling Feathers
3. A Merry Mishap
4. She Blogs She Blogs (The Alison Show)
5. An Apple A Day
6. The Homebook
7. Le Dans La
8. Posie Gets Cozy
9. Darling Dexter

I hope you found a few new blogs you love that you hadn't seen before! What are some of your favorite newer or not-super-well-known blogs?


Sarah Zlotnick said...

Ah! House That Lars Built used to be based in DC! So glad to see Brittany Watson getting the attention she deserves.

Raiana S said...

This is great, I love being introduced to new blogs, thanks so much!Checking them all out as we speak :)
Enjoy the conference!

Rai xo
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Unknown said...

My newest favorite blog!


A hilarious girl baking her way through SF's famous Tartine bakery cookbook. Her blog design is adorable, her photography is great and her witty writing style is the icing on the cake! Get it? Definitely worth checking out!

Shoppe Girls said...

I would love to recommend my own blog. A little unknown but growing slowly.
Let em know what you think.
V xx

i will also be checking out all the blogs above. I love finding new blogs. x

Lisa said...

I love Ardor! She has awesome DIYs and I love her taste.

Linda Bryer said...

I don't know how new it is, but The Fresh Exchange is my daily go to. It just makes me happy.

Charlotte said...

I follow too many blogs..but my faves are ardorblog.com and ungtblod.com

Jeanee said...

I enjoyed your list the most!

Cherisse said...

Thank you so much for sharing these! So many inspiring blogs! =)

Your Southern Peach said...

I love Note to Self and Kelly Market! Can't wait to check out the others. Thanks for publishing the list for us non attendees :)

Kelly Westover said...

Great list! I can't imagine how much work that must be to pull this together. I'm totally biased but I'm kinda in love with http://kellywestover.com - Life is a balancing act - right now. :)


Thank you so much for including me on your list!! Such an honor : ) Really wish I was at Alt - so much to learn! xxKelly

Miss B. said...

oh, thanks so much for the shout out to my blog (The House That Lars Built). And thanks Sarah too!

Kelly said...

Thanks for all the links! Wish I could have made it to alt!
being lovely

TheStyleUmbrella said...

Great list - found a few new reads...thanks so much for sharing!

PSbyDila said...

Nice blogs, thanks for sharing!


genevieve said...

Love finding new blogs and new inspiration!! Thanks for sharing these :)

L.A. in the bay said...

can't wait to sit down and check out all of these.

Sarah Morgan said...

Oohh, thanks for the list! I can't wait to check these out. I'd love to hear more about Alt! It seems absolutely amazing.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Well some of my fav ones I've found as of late are The Aestate & Inspired Design. I still think The Lennoxx should get more recognition.I also love my blogger pal's My Chic My Way.

The Now said...

We are obsessed with Kelly Market..can't wait to check out all of these blogs!!! xoxo

Erin said...

So excited to check out this list! I'm also loving:

- Erin @ holtwoodhipster.blogspot.com

Gameday Stylist said...

So fun - can't wait to check some of these out :)

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Kaper Design said...

I love finding out about new blogs! Thanks so much for sharing these.

If anyone is interested in restaurant & hospitality design, I write a blog over at kaper22.blogspot.com.
I'd love to meet a few new blog friends to follow :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

Can't wait to check these out! Thank you for the round up:) Cheers!

Emmy Kastner said...

Whoa! I just stumbled here via a tweet from @FoodieCrush! I was going to do a little self promo about my blog/project, but the most flattering anonymous post-er has beat me to it! Aren't anonymous post-ers usually jerks??? Hooray! This made my day!

Mary Hone said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for great new blogs.

Kristin Moon Thomson said...

So excited to check out these new blogs and be in-the-know for next year's Alt. My friend and I are having a blogging party on Saturday and I'll be using that time to peruse your selections!

outfit31.blogspot.com said...

How can bloggers get more information about the ALT Summit?

Lexi said...

I am loving all of your Alt Summit posts. I live wayyy down in Miami, FL, so it's hard to make it out to all of the blogger conferences. I really appreciate your taking the time to recap everything!!
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

definitely adding all these blogs to my daily reads! so fun finding new blogs.

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