GALLERY M — January: Animal Instinct

You might have read a few posts ago where I said I had a few things starting in 2012 that you could be a part of... well here is the first one!

After watching one of my favorite shows, Work of Art, I came up with the idea (late at night and sent an email to myself from my phone as I tend to do frequently) to do a version of an art challenge show on MIMI+MEG, for anyone that wants to participate. I'm calling it GALLERY M, and it will evolve as the months go along, but the current plan is to do 12 challenges during the 12 months of 2012.

This is open to all types of artists. Please honestly follow the guidelines of each challenge (obviously there aren't cameras following you around), because there will be a prize each month for the winner or winners! What I love about shows like Work of Art or Project Runway, is that the contestants are put into situations they would never be in, and have to work with strange materials to create something. It takes them outside of their creative comfort zones and can open up entirely new avenues of media they may have never used before in their work, so that is what I want to accomplish though these challenges. I want to challenge myself as an artist, and challenge you! (My own work will not be able to win these contests, but will still be voted on by the public.)

Background is Pearl Animal Prints fabric from Mood

January's GALLERY M challenge is called Animal Instinct. You guessed it, we're going to the pet store! To enter this challenge, please email me at mimiandmeg (at) gmail (dot) com with GALLERY M — January in the subject line. In the body, your name and email address. By emailing me, you are committing to creating a piece for this month. It's also because I will need to invite you to to be able to upload photos to the GALLERY M photo sharing site. The reason I want a commitment from you, is so that you have someone counting on you to do this, and hopefully you will challenge yourself and follow through. Now obviously if you don't finish your piece, I won't march over to your house an give you a slap on the hand, but you will have let yourself down. (How's that for motivation?)


First you need to e-mail me your commitment (like I said above) by 11:59 p.m., EST January 25, 2012.
1. Go to your local pet store and get inspired! Spend no more than $50 on items to use in your piece.
2. Take 1 photo of everything you bought for the challenge.
3. Create your work inspired by whatever you saw at the pet store, and using at least part of one item in your final piece.
4. Photograph your final piece.
5. Upload ONE photo of your final piece to the January: Animal Instinct album on the GALLERY M Zang Zing (you will have had to already email me to have access to upload). Only put your name and the title of the work in the description. This must be done by 11:59 p.m. EST January 31, 2012.

More Rules
*Do not use previous work or add to previous work you have already done.
*Do not spend more than $50 at the pet store, what you spend on your other materials at the art store it up to you.
*Do not delete or alter anyone else's work in the gallery
*Please no negative commentary, this challenge is not to criticize others work in a negative way
*If your piece is picked for the finals, we will want to see the photo of what you bought at the pet store, so please make sure to keep it.
*If you are the winner you will have seven days from the winning announcement to claim your prize, then an alternate will be chosen.
*Sorry, no videos or music. Only work that can be captured in one photograph.


Judging depends on the amount of entries and may change, but I will be assembling a panel of judges. There will also be a work from each month voted into the finals by the public. I will describe the judging in more detail at a later date. I will also announce the prize at a later date.

I'm so excited to see what you all do, how you challenge yourselves! Don't forget that you need to email me with GALLERY M — January in the subject line by January 25th if you want to participate this month.

Please help me spread the word about the GALLERY M and the challenges and feel free to post your work on your own blog, facebook or talk about it via social media.
On twitter I'm using the hashtag #gallerym


Sarah Roads said...

This looks like fun. If only I had some artistic talent. Looking forward to what transpires.

Jeanee said...


Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

Meg this is SUCH a cute idea! I love it and will spread the word!

lacoquettedumode said...

Lovely idea!

XX Kathryn


Tania said...

I definitely recommend getting an Equipment one :) Rachel Bilson wears that brand!! xx


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