The main reason I went to New York last weekend was because I had to see the de Kooning exhibit at the MoMA before it came down. And the rest of the MoMA as well. It was magical. The first thing I did was head straight up to the de Kooning exhibit, and I must say, I almost cried. I know, sounds dumb but I'm not even kidding. Willem de Kooning is one of my very favorite artists, and being in the presence of that many of his amazing works was moving. You aren't supposed to take photos in special exhibitions, and trust me I reeeeeally wanted to sneak some like many others were, but I chose to respect the exhibit and just enjoy it. I was just staring at his paintings with a lump in my throat. Being so close to such greatness gave me the chills. It was beyond inspiring, and hands down the absolute best exhibit I've ever seen. If you weren't able to make it, you really missed out.

The rest of the MoMA is chalk full of all the pieces you study in art class. I mean the f*cking real Starry Night people. And every corner you turned was another amazing piece great artists are known for. I can't wait to go back once they've changed out the collection with other works that weren't up at the time. Lots of Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell I'd like to see.

I'm excited to start sketching with my new neon colored pencils I bought there (above). Of course I couldn't leave without buying the de Kooning book. In the near future I'll be taking an afternoon to read that sucker. Consider me uber-inspired after that museum visit.

More pics after the jump.

Photos by Meg Biram


PartyMixTape said...

Fantastic blog! Art & fashion are my two favorite things…. and here I was thinking my blog concept was so unique! I look forward to reading future posts. P.S. LOVE MoMA! I’m heading to NYC in April to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit!


Leah Eash said...

Oh! I'm planning a trip for the fall... Can't wait to visit the MoMA!


Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

I haven't been to MoMA in YEARS but it was one of the most amazing places I've ever been. Also, I totally want those neon colored pencils.


Sweet Suite Chic said...

de Kooning is my all time favorite artist. I too visited the MOMA for just this reason, I just wish I had gone a second time. He is truly so inspiring.


Becca - (extra)ordinary wonders said...

Love the colors from what you picked up at moma!


Kim Davies Inspired Lines said...

Oh my gosh, I would have loved to see it. I'm a little far away, being on the other side of the world! I really love his work. I'm so glad you got to see the exhibit. I would have choked up too!! Seriously x

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