Writer, Heidi, of While My Boyfriend Husband & Baby Were Sleeping, shares her Valentine's Day wishlist with us today. I love her low key approach toward the holiday, and how does that wedding photo not make you laugh?!? Love it!

RECEIVE: 1. Fiddle Ring (Because I love to fiddle with my rings and I love the inscription.) / 2. Swagman Yakart Kayak Cart / 3. Camera Strap / 4. Reese's Cups (Forget Godiva chocolates, I'm obsessed with Reese's.)

See her gift ideas for her husband after the jump!

GIVE: 1. Laptop Messenger Bag / 2. Aveda Grooming Clay / 3. Spaceman T (A little something in honor of Joe's favorite front man.)/ 4. Apple TV (Despite my aversion to television, I know he really wants it.)

Photo of Heidi and Joe by Wendy Mitchell


Angel Court Jewels... said...

I love a girl who wants useful things for Valentine's Day (like the kayak cart). I've never been a fan of red roses!!!


C.Flower said...

I've been waiting years for my kayak cart. I know I won't get it for V-day, so I'm holding out for my birthday, which is in April. Joe: if you're reading this, throw a girl a bone ... or a kayak cart.

Greetings from Texas! said...

Hilarious wedding picture. Well done!

Anonymous said...

i love that wedding photo- hilarious!

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