7 of My Favorite Blog Personalities

Consider yourself warned: The following blogs may cause excessive laughter, and there will be cuss words. These are seven of my current favorite blogger personalities. I'm sure there are so many more awesome blogger personalities (such as yourself), but these ladies really stand out to me for really being themselves, their utter honesty, and ability to say things that you really want to but are too chicken to actually type and hit publish. Raw personality people. And that's what I love about them. F-words and all. In no particular order:

Jamie of I SUWANNEE and also the popular online shop Furbish Studio. Not only does she have great style, but I think we'd be BFF's in person. I'm planning on taking a little road trip down to her new store sometime in the next 6 months so Jamie, get ready for me girl. You know when some people are a little random, and they write like they talk but you don't really follow, well I just get her. A recent post I can't get enough of >>> here. And I don't even like cats.

The rest of my list after the jump!

Oh my gosh, Jenny of My Favorite and My Best always has me cracking up. I can relate to the craziness and f-words. This girl is a riot.


Alina of The Hyperbalist is probably new to you. I love her and her stories. Her longer posts are worth the read. She's definitely entertaining. Open book.


Nicole of Sketch 42 is an artist, blogger, and is a pretty kick ass interior designer even though that's not necessarily her job title. Her reality TV recaps are everything you want to say publicly but don't. And we happen to have a similar style idol in common... Kelly Wearstler, which she's gotten to meet before. Lucky girl.

Erin of Elements of Style is a talented interior designer that upon first glance you might realize is super funny with a great personality because she's so darn put-together & pretty! Not that pretty put-together girls aren't funny with good personalities, because obviously they are, but you know what I mean. She somehow gets her husband to write a column that can be so heartfelt I get lumps in my throat. I've been trying to get mine to write a column, we'll see if I can get him to... ever. Maybe your comments would encourage him??? Anyway, Erin's great personality keeps shining through her blog so keep reading.

Oh dear, my friend Heidi of While My Boyfriend was Husband & Baby were Sleeping, is a riot. Just read this post about her husband titled The TV Exploded and My Husband Cried and you'll be hooked. She's a talented writer and journalist, and I can't wait to see her reach her dreams that may or may not include being published in magazines, writing a novel and or screenplay.

And I'm pretty sure I'm the last person blogger on earth to know of The Bloggess. All you need to know (if you haven't already read this post) is that she has a giant metal chicken in her yard called Beyonce to prove a point about towels to her husband. Can we be friends?

I also must mention Erica of Design Blahg and Amanda of You're Welcome too because they crack me up. So I guess you can tell I like humor. Life's short, I like to laugh, and I see no point in not being yourself.

What bloggers crack you up, bring you to tears, say what you always want to say, or you feel like you can relate to? Please tell me... maybe there will be a part two.


Clare Christine said...

Love some of these bloggers, I will have to check out the ones that I am unfamiliar with! It's always great when a blog has personality. Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!
Twirling Clare

And Kathleen said...

Oh my! These ladies are hilarious. I just sent The TV Exploded and my Husband Cried to my husband.

You have to check out Elizabeth Aubrey at The Whole Pretty: http://www.thewholepretty.com/

I met her at Alt and she consistently has me in tears from laughing so hard.

Designwali said...

thanks for sharing!! going to check them out!

Gloria said...

I love finding new reads - can't wait to check these out!

Greetings from Texas! said...

Excited to check out your recs! I recently interviewed The Bloggess for my series called "Meg's Must-Reads". Jenny used the opportunity to talk of her love for gas stations among other things. http://megansilianoff.blogspot.com/2012/02/megs-must-reads.html

Jillian Nicole said...

Can't wait to check out these new reads! Definitely check out Megan of Across the Pond here: http://living4london.blogspot.com/ She's absolutely hilarious! Other funny favourites include Whitney @ http://cheeriosandbeer.blogspot.com/ and Christin @ http://www.therealmeangirl.com/

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Love some of these and will check out the others! Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

I also love Erin from Elements of Style!

xoxo, Paula


Heidi said...

You are not the last blogger on earth to know of The Bloggess. You're the second-to-last. I just visited her site for the first time ... and that weasel? That gussied up dead weasel? With the claws?? Brilliance. Thank you for turning me onto her Royal Weirdness.

And thank you for the love.

Becca - (extra)ordinary wonders said...

I'm definitely going to have to check out Furbish Studio when visiting my friends in NC next month! Thank you for the recommendations.

Victoria said...

Hi Meg,

Sydney from the Daybook is my favorite! She's hilarious, painfully cute, and has some great style suggestions. www.thedaybookblog.com.



Design Blahg said...

Aww, shucks. I'm honored to be in such esteemed company! All these ladies rock my world and then some. As do you, chica!

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