GSD: 116 Things

GSD = Get Shit Done.

When I was designing the 2012 Mission documents at the end of 2011, I dubbed 2012 as The Year of Getting Shit Done. Why, well that's somewhat obvious, but I wasn't satisfied with what I accomplished in 2011, so I wanted to make sure I couldn't look back at 2012 and feel the same way. So this year, I'm getting shit done. (Tweet me when you get you are getting shit done at @meg_biram with the hastag #getshitdone).

Then I made two other documents to help people do a deep clean and pare down their wardrobe. I definitely wasn't the only one feeling the need for another clean out, my like-minded BF (blogger friend) Jess of MML was too, and I like how she did it. She usually throws out 50 things, but this year decided to go for 100. I'm pretty sure I'm going to reach 200 or more, but I'll spare you most of the "donate" items. I kind of can't believe I still have this much stuff that I don't wear/use, and actually still have stuff from college! Why did I buy half of this stuff, and why do I still have it!?!
*Update since I first wrote this, I already took 7 bags of stuff (mine & my husbands to Goodwill, feels so good!)

When C & I moved to the DC area last March we downsized majorly! I should have taken photos of that, it would have been hundreds or probably over a thousand things! Anyway, I still feel a little overstuffed in our condo and don't want to move a bunch of stuff again this spring. So here is my 100 things (actually 116). All of these items I will be selling, giving to family & friends or donating. To inquire about an item just email me with the # of the item/s and I'll give you the price & size. I'm only leaving these items up for a few days, then I'll be getting rid of them, so if you want something let me know in the next few days.

All 116 items after the jump!
Sizes: Tops & dresses are XS-S maybe one or to M, Pants/Skirts/Dresses are 0-4, and Shoe 8, 8.5, 9
Shipping: Everything will be shipped via USPS

1. Ikat tank (rarely worn) SOLD / 2. Top, cinches at waist (good with leggings) / 3. Top (never worn) SOLD / 4. Banana Republic Sweater SOLD

5. Banana Republic cardigan / 6. To The Max sweater (rarely worn) / 7. Banana Republic sweater w/ tie (rarely worn)

8. Racerback floral dress (rarely worn) SOLD / 9. Chambray dress w/ tie waist & adjustable straps (never worn) / 10. Pink jersey dress SOLD

11. Banana Republic shrug w/ black detail (rarely worn) / 12. Banana Republic sweater SOLD / 13. Banana Republic cardigan (very small)

14. Anthropologie tank SOLD / 15. Gray top / 16. Yellow striped cardigan (donating)

17. Levi's light gray straight/skinny jeans SOLD / 18. Gray straight/skinny jeans (donating) / 19. Banana Republic bootleg jeans (rarely worn)

20. Banana Republic black skirt w/ tie waist (never worn & really nice) / 21. Chambray skirt (rarely worn) / 22. Floral skirt, hits at stomach, cut with top tucked in SOLD

More clothes at the bottom.

24.—36. Books (donated) / 37. Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve jacket (nice, rarely worn)

38. Black boots (love these, I just have others that I always tend to wear, they are rarely worn) SOLD / 39. Black heels (rarely worn) / 40.—42. Shoes (donated)

43.—54. Jewelry (donated) / 55. Peacock earrings / 56.—60. Jewelry (donated)

61.—68. Jewelry (giving to my niece or donated)


69. and 70. Fabric, sold in stacks shown, all 1 yard or less BOTH SOLD


71. 72. and 73. Fabric sold in stacks shown ALL SOLD

74.—88. Craft supplies (all donated)

89. Book (donated) / 90. Vase (donated) / 91. Anthropologie bowl (donated) / 92. and 93. Small vintage scarf  SOLD / 94. M (donated)


95. and 96. Linen Rooster tea towels

97. LOFT Cardigan (rarely worn) / 98. Banana Republic silk tank (long) / 99. Banana Republic silk top (rarely worn) SOLD / 100. Express sweater

101. Express Jacket (in great condition) / 102. Banana Republic silk dress w/ slip (rarely worn) SOLD / 103. Anthropologie blouse (rarely worn) ties in the back, detail at the neck

104. Black jersey skirt (high quality jersey, tie around the waist) / 105. Printed blouse SOLD / 106. Lace tank (very tiny, never worn) / 107. Striped long cardigan SOLD

108. Zip up hoodie (donated) / 109. Workout top (donated) / 110. Sachet (donated) / 111. Leg warmers (never worn)


112. Juicy ear buds (donated) / 113. Earrings (given to family) / 114. Earrings / 115. Earrings (given to family) / 116. Earrings


sampenner said...

What cute items! Emailing you shortly about a few... :)



apetyczneW said...

wow :)

Tracey said...

Meg. You are definitely getting shit done. I am inspired! xx

Lindsey said...

Wow, this is impressive and definitely motivating me to GSD! Already downloaded your templates (which is a fantastic idea) and have some exciting weekends ahead with this stuff.

Jess LC said...

What a beautiful exfoliation! Bravo! : )

Lauren said...

Found your site through MML's facebook page. Awesome exfoliation! Doesn't it feel amazing? We live in the DC area too! :)

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