Moroccan Rugs

If you saw the home of Erika from Small Shop Studio on Glitter Guide the other day then you may have already stalked the rug shop she mentioned about the rug in the photo above from her living room. If you somehow looked over that, I've picked some of my favorites from Red Thread Souk.
Photo of Erika's house by Jennifer Daigle Photography

More items from Moroccan Maryam after the jump.

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Viviana said...

Whoa. These are perfection!

Cove and Grey said...

Love these!!

Jolie Jouel said...

I loved that first photo when I saw it on Glitter Guide yesterday. Great rug finds!


Sarah Roads said...

One of these days... I will have one!

GiGi Reed said...

Gorgeous! You always have the best stuff on your blog. Love! :)


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I love Moroccan-anything, and these rugs are no exception.



Meg said...

wow, loving these! Top image is just stunning.


Gameday Stylist said...

Love Moroccan rugs - I made my husband lug a few of them back to nyc with me when we went to Marrakesh.

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Paula said...

can't get enough of Moroccan rugs!! can we talk about how irresistibly chic they are??

xoxo, Paula


Erika [small shop] said...

Get the real thing! You'll love it forever and it won't feel as much of a trend.
Thanks Meg for the shout out!!!

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