Amanda of Simple Street has an extra special February, her birthday is the day before Valentine's Day. Wow that's a lot of pressure!

RECEIVE: 1. Uppercase magazine subscription / 2. Lines and Arrows Linen Cushion Cover / 3. Diana Lens / 4. Charles Philip "Sarah" Patchwork Loafers / 5. Twist a Twill Blanket

See her pick for her husband after the jump.

1. You're A Fox card / 2. Breakfast in Bed (photo by Rebecca of A Daily Something, image via Small Shop) / 3. Warby Parker glasses, Winston / 4. 50/50 / 5. Chicago Bulls Tickets


Amy Parker Anderson (Parker Etc) said...

Love Amanda's taste.... so naturally I love all of her gift options to give and receive! This is a really cute and original idea!

Amanda, I'm happy to 'receuve' me those loafer's and in exchange... I'll 'give' you those Warby Parker's. Deal?!


Naomi said...

LOVE Rebecca's photos!!

Amanda // Simple Street said...

Amy - Deal!

Meg - Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

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