So it's actually more like the last two weeks.
Gorgeous oranges/tangerines or whatever these things were. I think they had some funky name at Whole Foods. I've been eating a lot of oranges lately to hopefully fight off any germs that think they want to take up residence in me. And I like oranges. And all fruit in general.

More pics after the jump!

Started a little collaboration with DESSANGE. Samuel at the Chevy Chase location (ladies, he's awesome, and French oui oui) gave me a much-needed chop and a highlight like I've never had. It was as if he was painting my hair with passion. I'm in love. Now, this next photo may look a little interesting, but I was a little obsessed with this opening scene on Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure, hello high fashion + NYC scenery = good chance it's on my DVR), so I took a pic of my TV screen.

Started packing for my trip to Kansas City this weekend for a wedding. Love seeing the fam, but not a fan of missing IFB and all the fun going on in NYC for Fashion Week, but obviously family wins this one. Plus my sister has two little ones that I can't get enough of... okay well, maybe after a few hours... anyway, this was my travel-day outfit. I'm working on planning my outfits better when I travel so I don't over pack.
Top: Banana Republic / Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole (a men's watch I had lots of links taken out of!) / Jeans: c/o JBrand / Studs: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, similar)

Sketched out a few commissions, and got to work with some pink paint.

Can't believe I only brought four pairs of shoes to Kansas City... as I mentioned, I tend to over pack so four pairs seemed reasonable. 
(Tory Burch Reva Flat / ZARA heels / c/o kate spade kiki wedges / ZARA boots)

I love surprises in the mail, and my friends over at One Love Organics sent me a little New Year's treat. Love them & so does my skin! Aaaannnnd our power went out. Twice in one night. With not much else to do as my husband was studying by candlelight, I took a shower. Not completely in the dark, I had a few tealights, but it was kind of cool. Very relaxing.

Photos by Meg Biram
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(Eileen) a creative day said...

Ahhh looks like such a fun week! Love your traveling outfit, looks so comfy :-)
and I'm obsessed with gossip girl too, so I totally love that screen shot!


Nat said...

Loved the opening scene of GG this week- it's one of my many guilty pleasures :) Have fun in Kansas City this weekend!

i'm jess said...

i'm so sad we didn't get a pic of the new do... in time, i guess :)

i always overpack and i hope to do like you and have a pre-plan for my NY trip next month so i can have plenty of free space in my luggage for all my purchases!

oh and i hope you packed some scarfs our temps are dropping!

One Stylish Day at a Time said...

Aren't oranges just so much prettier when they have the leaves still attached? Totally understand :) Happy Friday Meg!

Nuha said...

the Gossip Girl opening scene was fun to watch..i loved the marilyn vs. audrey rivalry :-)

G. said...

I envy you, certainly for your TB flats :).

Marcus Design said...

Fabulous! Love all 4 of your choice shoes to bring :) Have a lovely weekend Meg!

Nancy xo

Abby said...

The tangerines look like satsumas! (Funky name is right.)

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

Those commissioned pieces look like they're going to be beautiful. I also like this idea of showering in the dark..may have to try this week! Happy Sunday!

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