INTERIORS: White + Peaceful

I'm drooling over these photos from Danish photographer Line Thit Klein
I love white, black and wood interiors. 

Images via 79 Ideas, Line Thit Klein / Stylist,  Helen Wiggers

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Kelli said...

Oh wow, I am obsessing over the coffee table in the first shot!! Gorgeous post!


Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

love! you can't go wrong with white, black, and wood!

Ann said...

Bright and lovely...
things I love in a home.

Have a nice day!

Kate L. Harris said...

3 things I'm craving:

The wood/metal table, the framed illustration and the lamp in the background, all from photo no.1.

Very cool designs


Kate L. Harris

Samantha @ eso{g}. said...

i love white interiors, much to the boy's utter dismay! ;) these are beautiful pictures and sum up exactly why i love white so much xx

Melissa Cahoon said...

I love the small dining area with the mismatched chairs - definitely doable in my own apartment!

The Aisle Style said...

There is nothing better than a stark white wall! So simple it makes everything else pop :) Lovely pictures!

Lisa said...

Serious eye candy! With white you will leave in peace! thanks LisaHome Interiors

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