The past two weeks have been cra-zay! My brother and his girlfriend (who I met for the first time and l-o-v-e) came in town and stayed with us. We had so much fun hanging out all weekend and we went to see The Black Keys, where my coat got stolen. :( But I'm glad I learned my lesson on that jacket and not my purse.

Over the past 2 weeks I packed up our old condo, painted & cleaned our new one, moved, incessantly searched for rugs & furnishings (affordable ones) online and around DC, did the DMV thing, and have been trying to keep up with everything else! It was so nice to have a normal workday again! (DC friends, let's hang out!) I still need to go back and clean our old place and we still have a few things over there, but otherwise I'm close to normal again.

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The Mr. and I went out looking at rugs and things for the new place, keyword looking. After one day of shopping, and my obsessive internet searching, his response to all interior decor questions after that day is "Whatever you want sweetie!" Wow, that was easy! I'm just getting started!
Crate+Barrel And Pillow / West Elm Chevron Knot Rug

While in traffic on Wisconsin (upper Georgetown) I saw this adorable church with all the flowers blooming in front of the red door so I snapped a quick one. I love this city, every turn is something old, cute, quaint, and photo-worthy.

An in-process pic looking at the two walk-ins in our bedroom. The entire place was a dirty mustard and tan, so I promptly painted the entire place a light grey and of course had a black wall and closets (thanks to my awesome landlords)! The Mr. wasn't too sure about black, but once he finally saw it he was convinced. How many years does it take them to realize we're always right??? :)

Boxes boxes boxes. I'm actually almost completely unpacked. The kitchen is done, and everything is in the right room, but I'm reorganizing some office stuff and clothing and of course still going through and creating donate/sell piles (stay tuned for another GSD post). We have so much storage space, and I want to keep some of the shelves empty, ya know.

(Left) Bleh. Spent all day Wednesday getting our car inspected (above is the 4-lane line that wraps around the back...I think you can gather how long that took), getting my DC license, plates and zone tag. And my freaking ID looks like I got botox or something. Not pretty. I hate it when they just make you stand there and they don't tell you when they are taking the actual photo! (Right) The DMV in Georgetown is in the lower level of The Shops at Georgetown Park. Which (due to the recession I'm sure) is very uninhabited, so it was odd to me that the DMV was there, but at least it was aesthetically pleasing in addition to the vacant creepiness.

Still have a few places to touch up but otherwise I hope to not see another roller in a loooong time.

And did you see the Project Runway All Stars finale last night??? What did you think? Who did you think should win? I loved Michael's collection and would wear it all NOW! Loved Austin's jumpsuit, and I think Mondo can mix some mean patterns. I'm excited to see the collection for Neiman Marcus.


m.r.brooks said...

I used to love seeing that church when I drove down Wisconsin! One of my favorite areas of DC. It makes me miss living there!

mk square studio said...

what a delight with two walk-in closets!!!! It seems you are almost settling in and the fun of decorating begins. Enjoy exploring your new town, it seems adorable!!!


One Stylish Day at a Time said...

Jealous of your closets! Can't wait to see pics of the new place once it all comes together. Also, keep us posted on your new purchases! It's always fun to follow along.

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

You have been busy, lady!! Loving what I'm seeing so far - Pretty convinced to paint our closets now. I'm sure Eric won't argue as long as I'm the one doing it. His response to my decor suggestions is always "I am not qualified to answer that question."

Best. Husband. Ever.

Kelly said...

The Georgetown mall is actually in the process of being re-developed (thank goodness) - here's an article speculating on what will come next: http://www.thegeorgetowndish.com/thedish/mall-likely-house-target-bloomies. And the DC DMV is the worst! I never thought I would be thankful for a DMV but I actually was when I moved to Arlington and had to switch everything over!

Alexsandra said...

How awesome are the black keys?! I saw them in Toronto it was great. Hope you had a good time besides the loss of your jacket that always sucks

Donna in Potomac said...

Although I wanted Michael to win (adore his personality & perspective), I was happy for Mondo. Funny that you posted Rorschach ink blot mugs, as they're right in trend with Mondos design - I want his ink blot T!
Would love to know your main reason behind the Black closets. I'm guessing it makes the clothes POP?!

Meg Biram said...

@Donna The trim and shelves are white, and I just really wanted something different and dramatic. Definitely makes the clothes stand out!

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