Finally finished moving and cleaning our old place out. Having a month to move is great and all (besides paying double rent — NOT cool), but sheesh it drags the whole process out. (Above) This is how I start my morning off everyday... a cup of coffee (either Peet's House or Colombian, or Starbucks Guatemala or Colombian with half & half and a tiny splash of flavored creamer, usually something nutty) out of my new little leopard cup ala HomeGoods. P.S. I painted a little heart on my thumbnail the other day.

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(Left) I went up to the TJMaxx by our place to get some sheets for a painting series I'm working on... I know a little weird... Trust me, when I'm happy with them I'll be sharing them with you. And if you ever thought I might be slightly crazy now, you'll definitely think I'm nuts after these paintings. Oh ya, and I saw this cool aqua vase there. (Right) Soooo happy with my new area rug from Rugs USA. Close up pic here. Our bed frame need a little love from the Mr. (there was some squeeking going on). We fixed the frame and got the bed up, and the rug under it yesterday. Now I just need to put the rest of the room together and of course the manly reading nook.


Now that the Mr. & I are actually in the city, we are have endless options of new restaurants to try (conveniently). The other night we went to Buck's. My pork tacos were pretty good, the Mr. loved his fries, and thought his fish was ok. The atmosphere was cozy and the bartenders were obviously seasoned. Didn't bother you, but never left you needing them. Overall, great local place.

I must say, since I moved to the east coast, I've noticed that the HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls out here are a-ma-zing. (Left) DVF shams. No joke, and that's just the beginning of the items I've found at a giant discount. I'm all for investing in expensive items you love, but if you can get them for less money, ummmm why not?!?! (Right) Haven't had any green juice since the move... mmmm it was good.

My Typical Green Juice Recipe:
(makes 2 glasses w/ ice)

6-10 leaves of fresh kale
handful of fresh spinach
1 lemon
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
1-2 apples

I sometimes I'll add a pear instead of an apple, or any other green leafy thing I have. Even broccoli. Kale is the king though, always have kale. 

*FYI HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls did not sponsor this post, I literally just went to those places this week because, duh, you can find good stuff there. :)


Chic Geek said...

Such amazing finds! Dying over that mug!
Congrats on finishing the move

Peak Rainey said...

How amazing is Home Goods? I have one next to my apartment, literally, and it is dangerous. LOL. Love going there though. And the heart is pretty amazing. Have a great weekend!

HG Insider said...

Hi Meg, thanks for all the love!!! Sometimes it's the little things (like a great coffee mug) that just make you happy. Your friends at HomeGoods

Georgina Si said...

I love our TJ/Marshalls/Home Goods (sometimes). You can find some really amazing pieces :)

Have a lovely weekend, love the whimsical thumbnail heart!

Anne said...

All 3 stores are my fave to shop in. Never leave without getting something. hehe

And you found DVF shams there too? That's awesome!

xo Annie

Nichole @ Parlour said...

Ugh, I know!!!! After moving back to KC from NYC, and going to the Homegoods/Marshalls/Tj Maxx here...sooooo upset. They are pathetic in comparison. Enjoy them, and just know I am very jealous of you!

Heidi said...

My nails are so bitten I couldn't fit half a heart on my thumb. Pretty adorable.

Also cool: the fact that "Your Friends at HomeGoods"left you a comment.

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