(New!) My DC: Nikki of Cupcakes for Breakfast

I'm so excited to introduce you to my new column My DC. The idea for it came from a selfish place: How can I hangout with and meet more cool people in DC? What are the best places to go, eat, drink, hike, shop, etc., in DC? I think like a blogger, so of course my solution to these issues was a new column on MIMI+MEG! The bonus for you is that I get to introduce you to all of these cool people, great places, and when I travel I'll be taking this column on the road with me. So you can expect My (your city here) when I can make it happen!

I've asked each person to take me to one (or more) of their favorite eateries, shops or places in DC (or all of them) and we will experience it together, while I get all paparazzi up on them so I can share the experience with all of you. I also have asked them some fun questions that I doubt you'll find anywhere else.

My guinea pig for this column was Nikki Rappaport of Cupcakes for Breakfast, and I'm still coming off my high after having so much fun with her.

See where Nikki took me after the jump!

I met Nikki at the Dupont Farmers Market. Hello colorfest, just look at that salad. Nikki could be classified as a foodie. I mean her blog is called Cupcakes for Breakfast. She introduced me to her favorite cheese (which I will be purchasing when I head back to the market this weekend), croissants, and veggies I didn't even know about... like ramps. Have you ever heard of ramps!?! Apparently it's like a garlic-flavored scallion. Are you shocked I know what a scallion is? You can thank Martha for that.

Nikki paying for her flowers. I know you are thinking who gives a shit about the flowers, WHERE IS THAT BAG AND WALLET FROM!?! The wallet is kate spade (similar), and the bag is Mondani, (similar). 

I couldn't get enough of the veggies. They create such gorgeous natural patterns.

Nikki showed up in her Sunday best. She looked beautiful in her white lace shift dress (similar), blue belt, bracelets and necklace from Loren Hope, Design Darling, and Lou Lou. Find her glittery gold iPhone case and sunglasses too.

I already knew that Nikki was outgoing and the nicest girl in the world, but she knew everyone at the market! She introduced me to so many new people it was awesome! While talking to some of her friends she pulled out a plastic baggie from her purse and gave it to me. She had made THIN MINT BROWNIES and brought me one. I told you she was sweet.

We just happened to pick the right day and time because there was a little ceremony to turn on the fountain in Dupont Circle and two of her friends, Jenna and Alejandra, just happened to bring a blanket to chill on the grass, so we joined them for a while.

I love me some good girl time on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Food, sex... all topics were on the table. I wasn't even halfway through my first My DC experience and I knew it was an f*ing genius idea. I didn't even see the side effect of meeting more people. Sweet. We pulled out all of Nikki's goodies she got at the market: asparagus, flowers, ramps, and croissants... yum.

We stayed out on the lawn so long our morning coffee turned into afternoon lattes. Fine by me! We headed up to Dolcezza where I had a latte and a well, dulce de leche something (above).

If you haven't been to Dolcezza it is positively charming. A tiny little place with a great atmosphere, and in addition to coffee and pastries... GELATO! Oh yes, we did have it all!

When Nikki put our lattes down on the tables she said, "Your heart is cute [on my latte], mine looks like a uterus." I almost cried I was laughing so hard. You can kind of see the uterus above.

Hear about our DC experience in Nikki's words:

Why did you take me to the Dupont Market and Dolcezza, and what are you favorite things about the area?

I wanted to show you two of my favorite spots in my neighborhood and a little bit of my weekend routine. I love that this Farmer's Market is just steps from my apartment. It's my favorite way to start my Sunday – picking up great local food and running into friends along the way. I guess totally exemplifies why I love DC so much. It's a big city, but we have neighborhoods where on Sunday mornings, you can run into so many people you know in the same place. There's a great sense of community here. 

Dolcezza is my go-to place for both coffee and dessert, so you can really go any time of the day (seriously, best place ever?).

I love the routine of it [Dupont] and being a "regular" at places. It really feels like home and my neighborhood. I have a few favorites from the market that I pick up almost every time I'm there. The croissants from Bonaparte Breads are the closest thing to Paris that I've found in DC. I studied abroad there when I was in college, so I always have to pick up a few croissants or pain au chocolat. I also most always pick up spinach and ricotta cheese to toss into pasta. When they're in season, you can find me rushing towards tomatoes, strawberries, and ramps. 

At Dolcezza, I'm obsessed with the valrhona chocolate gelato. It's so rich and creamy, it takes like cold pudding. Ah, amazing! I'm so glad you got to try it!

Since you are a foodie/food blogger, what are your other favorite places to eat in DC and why or what do you HAVE to get when you go there?
Ok, well this list could go on and on. But I'll just give you a top few.

Graffiato is currently my favorite restaurant in the city and really everything on the menu is incredible. (If only you could actually order the whole menu!) I always order the pepperoni sauce, brussels sprouts, and Jersey Shore pizza – oh and proseco on tap! 

DC is a great brunching city and on most Sundays (after the market) that's where you'll find me. One of my favorites is Birch and Barley, which I especially love for their baked goods by pastry chef Tiffany Macisaac. Her doughnuts are beyond awesome!

Naturally, I always get asked what is my favorite cupcake in DC, and hands down, it's at Baked and Wired. This coffee shop/bakery is also one of my favorites, it's just not in my neighborhood. You know I live and breathe chocolate, but Baked and Wired's strawberry cupcake is the best! It has real strawberries baked into the cake. So perfect.

What food items do you always have on hand?

Oh I wish I could say that I always carry pink sprinkles with me, but ha, I don't.

Do you have a special recipe you want to share with us?

My chocolate frosting recipe is one of my favorite things and really makes any cake or cupcake better. It's probably the closest thing that I make to that Dolcezza gelato, and since I dream in chocolate, it's the perfect thing to share.

How did you become a "foodie" and/or why is food special to you?

Food has always been an important part of my life. It's become synonymous with family for me. I could write a book about this (maybe I will!) but really it's about sharing good food with family and friends. Cooking/baking for and with people in your life – that's what love means to me. And what better way to show someone you love them then by sharing a meal with them?

A huge thanks to Nikki for taking me to her favorite places in DC!

For more photos from our Dupont adventure, check out my Facebook page in the next few days for additional photos.


Krista said...

SO excited for this new column!! I'm always looking for new things to do in this wonderful city.

p.s. If you need partners in crime for going to concerts (or maybe Jazz in the sculpture gardens this summer!), holler at This Is Our Jam :)

Nancy said...

Really darling post! I'm in the NOVA area, and would love to meet you! This looks like you're onto something big!

Rachel @ The Block said...

I don't live in DC or even close but I love this new column. It's a great idea! Posts based on personal connections are always the best :)

Miss M said...

Such a sweet post with two of my favorite DC bloggers! Awesome idea for this column, Meg!



sarafina said...

Love this post! I've lived in DC for 3 years but feel like I don't know the city well enough. Looking forward to hearing about new things through your blog!

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Obsessed with the new column and love my girl Nikki kicking things off! Makes me want to hop in the car (or train?) and head down to D.C. to hang with you ladies. So fun! xx

Phoebe said...

Ha ha, Meg, you DID know exactly what I was thinking when I came to the photo of Nikki paying for her flowers!

I'm not a DC resident, but this is such a fun new column.

Kelsey Heinze said...

This is a great new feature! I loved it!

The Yuppie Files said...

What a cute idea! I live in Arlington, so anytime you want to cross over the Potomac to Clarendon let me know! There's some fun stuff in VA too :)

Nikki Rappaport said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to do this with you Meg! I had a blast and I can't wait until our next adventure! xo

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh my gosh. I love this! I can't wait to find fun new things to do in DC!

Nat said...

Love this new series! I love learning about new places in DC that I can drag my husband to when we're in the city!

One Stylish Day at a Time said...

I've actually never been to DC but this new series totally makes me want to! Looks like absolutely the perfect day!

Jessie @ Style and Pepper said...

Absolutely ADORE this new feature!!! ANNNNND I miss you. :) XOXO

Meg @ write meg! said...

Looks like a lovely Sunday morning! I can definitely see how charming D.C. is on the weekends, away from all the busy workers and tourists . . . I live outside the city (in Southern Maryland) and tend to go up early on Saturday mornings before all the hustle and bustle begins. So peaceful.

Also, Hanson is awesome. And totally my (not secret) obsession, too.

Lindsey said...

I LOVE this feature! Can't wait to see more and I'd love to show you my version of DC one of these days!

Mandy P. said...

I'm ALL about this new column! I live in DC, and while I've lived here nearly 7 years, I feel like I'm always discovering new things to do...and it can't hurt to discover those things from fun, stylish people. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

What a charming little piece! I can't wait to see what other adventures you go on around DC and other places.

Cheers, Elizabeth

Sarah said...

Love this! Found it through Nikki's blog - you have a great thing going here :)

Jamie said...

This is such a great series! Now I know what you two were up to when I ran into you at the market :)

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Crack! This series is going to be like crack or something. I grew up in Alex. Went to HS in Fairfax and on Capitol Hill. Now I am in Fredericksburg.
I miss being closer in, but like it was in the '80s.
I am always up for a "daytrip interview" :)

Heather Pranitis said...

Congrats! You are inspiring me to have "new" posts at my blog. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more. :)

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

OB.SESSED. What a fantastic column idea, and what a fantastic girl to kick it off with! I adore Nikki -- she's really wise beyond her years, isn't she? When you go to the market this week, see if green garlic is still in season. You'll love it if you love ramps! :)

Donna in Potomac said...

Great idea! I love food a little more than fashion, and the personal tips are a real bonus!

I was thinking the coffee looked like a uterus even before I read it...so laugh for me too...and the churro next to it must be the penis - Hey! You were talkin' about sex anyway, right?

Lastly, Yes. I do know what ramps are - Do you know what Rocket is? LOL

Andrea Fenise said...

Love this series! I started a similar series a few weeks ago. Style in the City..going to as many new places, meeting the coolest people and showing the locals that there is so much to do here. Love for you to come to Memphis.

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