NYC in Review

I gave you a pretty good outline of my NYC trip in my BlogFest post, but here are some of my favorite images from the rest of the trip. NYC is full of photo-worthy moments, and I was taking full advantage of all of them! Above is in the DVF store in Soho. Oh Diane, you know how to say things.
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One evening, I went to dinner with a small group of friends. It was nice to get away from a huge group for a few hours and focus on just a few people. Upon arrival to the restaurant I promptly ordered a prickly pear margarita. Mmmmm. I could have sat outside all night with those ladies!

Loved this work in a boutique in Soho... but I can't remember the store! I think it was one of those denim brands that has branched out into other clothing, but again, I can't remember! Obviously I was a little too interested in the art to notice. Sidenote: While looking for a restaurant in Soho, I saw a girl that I thought I recognized... turned out to be Kymia Nawabi, the winner of Work of Art Season 2 (obviously I love that show). I asked her about the show, her work, etc. She's a doll.

I trekked up to The Met to meet Victoria to see the Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibit. I was able to snap this pic before getting in trouble for taking pics with my phone. The heads of the mannequins were my favorite part. You probably remember these striped Prada pieces from the recent past. The exhibit said they were one of Prada's most successful lines.

While walking around the Upper East Side after going to the Gagosian to see the Picasso and Gilot exhibit, I saw this hot pink sculpture on Park Ave by Miami sculptor Rafael Barrios. Stunning, no!?!

I some how made it out of the Jonathan Adler store in Soho without buying anything. I wanted to take home every piece of brass and white ceramic in there. Not that I saw anything new in the store as I totally stalk his website, and saw his booth at ICFF, and saw him in the flesh for a brief moment while he was at the Kohler/Adler booth at ICFF.

Love these transparent antlers in one of the show rooms at Lee Jofa. Me wantey.

These tassels aren't new or anything, but I loved how they hung on the top of a linen bulletin board for a teen girl in the Tribeca loft I photographed.

I mean, wallpaper.

The Stationery Show just happened to be going on at the same time as BlogFest so naturally I had to take a looksie. Printerette Press and Alee and Press had cool little booths, as did many other small stationery shops. The feather image is a piece of artwork in the Calypso St. Barth store and the hearts were painting on the side of a building in Soho.

Top Row: Saturday was a day full of brunching. This was from brunch No.1 at Lodge in Williamsburg, followed by a little visit to Catbird, and then a brunch No.2 at Mercadito, which I'll give you the full details on later. / Graffiti on the Williamsburg Bridge. I thought walking there from the LES would be a good idea... the blister on my foot thought otherwise. #badshoedecision

Middle Row: The Williamsburg Bridge. Love the pink. / Victoria and I had a little afternoon treat the day I left. After ordering 2 glasses of wine (each) and a Caprese Salad, the chef brought out a little shot of limoncello for each of us. Victoria was talking cheese consistency with him, I think that was the tipping point for him giving us limoncello. We sipped about half of it before realizing me being drunk on the bus and her at the New York Philharmonic would probably not be the best idea. But it was a little too late. I barely made it on my bus back to DC (after missing the one I took to NYC a week earlier, I mean really!?!), and I had to pee within 30 minutes. Tipsy peeing on a bus = not so easy. I'm sure you wanted to know that. While sweating running my way to the bus with my way-too-heavy-and-overpacked bag, I walked right past Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Sweaty and staring at them — just making sure it was them. It was. I was a hot limoncello mess. But it was fun!

Bottom Row: A sneek peek at the pedi's Jenna and I got while she took me to her favorite places in NYC. / Brunch at Mercadito (my second brunch of the day). I like brunch.

Catching up on work (and sun at the pool) over this holiday weekend before I leave to go back to Kansas City next week for a few days!


Azrakun said...

NYC full of art! I love your recoup...


preppylove said...

It looks like so much fun! I love the pillows in the middle!


Ms. Cathy said...

Wow so many beautiful images in this one!! I need to re visit NY!

Cathy Trails

Kecia said...

Looks like a fab time! I would love to see that Prada exhibition! Super loving those Jonathan Adler photos.

Quick question if you have time to answer... How do you post your Instagram photos in those big block collages? Do you use Photoshop or something else? I'm new to blogging and Instagram and, thus far, only know how to post my images single file.





-fashion illustrator-

Meg Biram said...

@Kecia, yes I use photoshop.

Jamie said...

ah! This makes me miss New York like crazy! Fun fact - Kymia taught me how to draw in undergrad. She's awesome.

hannah said...

Oh lordy, so jealous of you. All these nYC posts are making me pine for it so hard. It looks like you had an awesome but busy time! x

secretivestyle.com said...

I just got back from NYC as well and LOVED it! I only had a one day quick trip. I wish I could've visited all of the stores I wanted.

118060324399944719168 said...

HAHAHAHA. We tried to so hard to be good but to no avail. So fun. If one has to be a mess, a hot limoncello mess is the way to go!

effortlesscool said...

great photos! glad to see you enjoyed my city <3

XO Sahra
<a href='http://effortlesscool.wordpress.com">EffortlessCool</a>

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