DC Art Scene: Artomatic (Part 1)

I spent Saturday afternoon at Artomatic (if you follow me on Instagram — megbiram — you probably saw my flood of pics). I found so many amazing artists throughout the 11 floors of art. Artomatic is open until June 26th, so if you have time (and live in the DC area) you should check it out. The building is an office building, not a gallery, so the lighting kinda sucks but I've done my best with the photos! Here are some closeup shots of some of my favorite pieces in the show. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow. Above is a work from Igor Ivanov.
More art after the break!

Brian Johnson (detail)

Couldn't find a name on this room of string.

Brian Johnson (detail)

Photos by Meg Biram


Erica said...

I really love the one by Bob Aldrich.

Azrakun said...

Eugene Walsh Garcia is probably my favorite.

Great post.


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