DC Art Scene: Artomatic (Part 2)

Some of the exhibitors at Artomatic really knew how to make their work pop off the wall. Artists painted their walls with bright colors, stripes, or even turned the wall into a painting itself. Livingston Rodgers work (above and below) popped right off the yellow/green color she painted her walls.
More art after the break!

As I was breaking for a sandwich (it took multiple hours to see the entire show), I ended up talking to the guys manning the food & drink stand. They were both artists showing at Artomatic. I found both of their work and it was amazing. Above and below is Cory Oberndorfer, artist and art teacher — and get this — he's from Kansas City! Small world. I am in love with the Candy Button Skateboards!

Paul Oberle was the other artist (photographer) that I met while eating lunch. His provocative Star Wars photography really impressed me  (Confession: I've never seen Star Wars...). And yep, that's a nipple, boobs, and a butt.

Liz Stewart

"When Kandinsky meets Pollock for a beer"

There were many other amazing artists, some featured in my Washingtonian post. The lighting isn't exactly "gallery level" at Artomatic, so I've done my best with the lighting and photos, however anything framed in glass didn't photograph well, but there were lots of amazing photographers and other painters that I couldn't get good photos of their work.

Photos by Meg Biram


Nancy said...

I love Artomatic and have been before. It is such a great exhibit showing volumes of variety! thanks for sharing!

Prippy Handbook said...

Artomatic is fantastic!

Loving Cory Oberndorfer... heading to his site now.

Meg said...

I went a couple of weeks ago and loved it!

- Meg

Rachel Fackender said...

Such beautiful pieces! Wishing I was in DC to see them for myself!!

Azrakun said...

I really enjoyed Lucio Palmieri's drawings. I just looked up his webpage as well.


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