FASHION TREND: Printed Dresses

I've been seeing these colorful kaleidoscope dresses around lately, and I'm a fan. They are interesting and I think they are great for different body types because they seem to hide your not-so-favorite-parts well.

Flower print dress / Printed crepe-jersey dress / Lipsy Body-Conscious Silhouette Dress / Printed tunic with cap sleeves

Check out 4 more printed dresses after the break!

Appaloosa Print Dress / Printed stretch-jersey dress / Opyla mini dress / Lipsy Jewel Print Dress

What do you think? Do you like these dresses?


Elizabeth said...

As conservative as I can be sometimes, I actually really like these. Some prints, maybe, are a bit too much, but I really like the "mirrored" look. Happy Monday!

Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

Steph said...

these printed dresses have been catching my eye as well, absolutely love your picks! Have you caved and gotten one or just admiring?

thanks for sharing!

Donna in Potomac said...

I like the Cavalli's. I guess my taste runs a little more high than lo.

Nancy said...

The first one looks like a Monet painting. I like # 1 and 5 the best. Have a great week.

.life is reediculous. said...

i just posted an outfit pic wearing the zara floral print number. i am in love with it! if you'd like to see it on a real person...

i am obsessed with the antik batik mini dress too. but a little pricey!

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