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I was recently in New York City, and met up with twitter queen Jenna Blackwell. Jenna is a social media girl in PR and assistant at Donna Karan. I met Jenna (digitally) when we both tried out for a contest with Sunglass Hut a few years ago (she made it to Top 10, I didn't). But we finally met in person, and I had her take me to a few of her favorite spots in NYC. See where she took me after the jump!

We had brunch at Mercaidto in the West Village (not being an NYC local, went to the one in the East Village). After hailing a cab to take me to the West Village, I sat in traffic for far too long as two avenues were closed for a street fair and some sort of parade. Going east to west in NYC is pretty much a nightmare, but close down two avenues and it's a cluster F. My cab driver even said, "You should get out and walk, it will probably be faster." Jenna kindly waited for me and someone even sent her a drink. Thank you to the man that sent her a drink while she waited for me.

This was actually my second brunch of the day. I've learned that on the East Coast, brunch can mean 2 p.m. I grew up in the Midwest where brunch is 10, 11 — noon at the latest. After that it's typically called lunch. I must say, I like how NYC does brunch. My meal came with three drinks and I had plenty of drinks to choose from, so I tried three different ones — red sangria, white sangria, and a mimosa (Did I mention I had two mimosas at my first brunch of the day? It was buy one, get one free!). So by 3 p.m. I was five drinks deep. They were pretty light, so I wasn't stumbling or anything, but wow five!?! I'm liking this.

Post brunch No.2 Jenna took me to this adorable puppy store. O.M.G. I mean, the most adorable puppies just waiting to be held. I could have stayed in there for hours holding every single one. We both had a soft spot for this fawn Frenchie.

Puppy fight! Ok, more like play, but fight sounds more fun.

After we got our fill of adorableness, Jenna took me to the nail salon she frequents. We both got pedicures with an extra 10 minute rub. Remind me to hang out with her more often...

Me: Essie's Who Is The Boss / Jenna: Essie's Tart Deco

Jenna couldn't pass the flower shop without smelling the roses. Who can?

Jenna's Outfit:
Old DKNY Jeans leather jacket
ZARA dress from last year
(In her words) Cheap no-name black wedges

Huge thanks to Jenna for not only waiting 45 minutes for me, but for taking me to her favorite NYC places! Let's see what Jenna has to say about all of this:

What are your favorite things about NYC?  
Literally everything — I definitely am that person that is in love with the city.  Am I allowed to say that? Well, I am so fast-paced and feel like I always have stuff to be doing. I love that everyone here is on a mission.  I also am constantly amazed at the beauty- in buildings, in the people, in everything. 

What are your other favorite places to eat in NYC and why or what do you HAVE to get when you go to them?  
I love the French Toast at Extra Virgin, but it's literally like a decadent dessert, so I always leave there with a food baby.  There's a tiny cafe across the street from my apartment, Cafe Henri, and I would recommend it to anyone strolling the street.  I always see people scoping the other restaurants by it and I'm thinking, "Nope, don't go there... go to Henri!"  And being from Texas I love Mexican food — which is hard to come by here — but Ofrenda and Mercadito hit the spot. 

What items in your closet do you always tend to reach for?   
Sundresses; they are too too easy.  You look dressed up and put together and it basically took .3 seconds to put on. 

What is your favorite/most special item in your wardrobe?  
I have a sick shearling coat that is DKNY that I got when I moved here. It was a ridiculous investment but I feel like I will wear it for so long. And this is going to be weird, being that I am NOT a sneaker person, but my bf (a Nike Sportswear fanatic) got me the Liberty London x Nike Dunks and I love them.

What made you move to NYC from Texas?  
I've always been obsessed with the city but was too scared to leave Texas. I always thought I was the person that would always just dream of living here and envy those who did. I finally realized I would be living my entire life with regret if I didn't at least try. Plus, if it didn't work out or I hated it, I could always move back... Oh, and I wanted to work in fashion. Duh.

Are you where you thought you'd be in your life and career at this point?   
Not really, because I essentially started over. I am 28 and working basically entry level in fashion.  I see other 28-year-olds (or younger) doing things I wish I was doing and I sometimes get bummed that I didn't start earlier doing what I love, but then I think HELLO! At least I did it. So then I don't get sad anymore.

Thanks for taking me around your favorite spots in NYC Jenna!


julesB said...

you are kicking ass Jenna! we love u!!

Ashley Gale said...

omg, you had me laughing out loud with the east village / west village thing! And... I'm with you, ever since moving from the midwest, I eat (and drink) a lot later!
xxoo, ashley {a {little} dash of ash}

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

cute feature! I want one of those bullies so bad! :))


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

love her tough leather jacket and sweet sundress!

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Loved this feature! Jenna is adorable- love her jacket. I MUST visit that puppy store the next time I'm in NYC. :)



Ms. Cathy said...

Hahhaa! I love "Carbs and throw up" answer. Great questions! And what a fabulous get together. :)

Cathy Trails

livesimplybyannie said...

haha so love this feature!! Jenna's responses were great (I knew there was a reason I've been following her on twitter!!) ;)

Brea Ellis said...

Love this feature!

hannah said...

Oh my gosh, all these NY posts are making me miss it so bad! Jenna seems super cool and took you to come really great spots! x

Prippy Handbook said...

Oh my word... you replicated the exact fave day me and one of my best friends have anytime I visit NYC. I use to live in the West Village and would always visit the 2 puppy shops on Christopher. Talk about an instant happy blast!

We usually grab lunch at Joseph Leonard (across from the puppy shop), see puppies, hit up QQ Nails for mani/pedi/massage (add 10 extra minute if hungover!), and then swing by the 2nd puppy shop before grabbing iced coffee at Jack's. Perfection.

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